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Sep 9, 2020
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The ultimate biosynthetic organism.
Intelligent, adaptible, lethal.
This is the Overwatch Transhuman Arm.


1. Shock

Overwatch operations must always aim to shock. Not only should an operation seek to completely surprise the enemy, but create a state of absolute confusion and hysteria within its forces. Clear BlackShield intelligence is paramount to shock, as thorough knowledge of the enemy forces enables an almost surgical dissection of its defenses. Overwatch tactics must emphasise aggression, lehtality and control, inciting terror in the opponent. With superiour training, preparation and equipment, the enemy can be easily overwhelmed.

2. Rapidity

Operational forces must be rapidly mobilised, and practice tactical principles of blitz-like advancement. The enemy should be kept oblivious to the direction of the attack as long as possible. In function, this can be achieved through airborne deployment behind enemy lines, attacking from multiple directions, or sudden activation of BlackShield assets within enemy forces. There must be flexibility in the chain of command, allowing small units to carry out operations autonomously.

3. Support

There are no MobSqdr operations, no InfCom operations, nor are there solely ArtBtr missions. Instead, operations should occur on the battalion-level, utilising all resources when possible. Aggressive use of indirect fire, and mobile support create an unstoppable offensive.

1. Aggression

Rapid advancement and energetic use of firepower can easily overwhelm a poorly equipped enemy, forcing them to fall back. There is no need for frugality in ammunition consumption, instead ammo should be used liberally, forcing the enemy to fall back. Unless otherwise specified, the OTA must always be on the offensive.

2. Lethality
Unless otherwise specified, the OTA always seeks to destroy and kill. The principle of lethality goes hand in hand with the principle of aggression. No restraint should be practiced when attacking. Grenades, RPGs, anti-matter orbs, and SMG grenade launchers should be used to tear apart the enemy's defenses - and the enemy itself. And when a unit shoots, it shoots to kill.

3. Control
During combat, the OTA must always stay in control and hold the initiative. This is, in many ways, achieved through the two former principles, and the OOF's strategy. When the Overwatch forces are lethal, aggressive and take the enemy by surprise, it retains control. When an overwhelming offensive is executed with total control, the enemy has no time to gather its forces, regain composure, or begin a counter-attack.



Opening Fire

When an enemy is spotted, each unit will fire upon it together. A uniform opening of fire makes the enemy perceive their foe as more significant. Furthermore, taking as many possible shots at the enemy while they are not in cover, takes maximum advantage of the element of surprise.

When fired upon
When fired upon, each unit of a squad should immediately fire a burst of automatic fire in the general direction of the enemy, and begin a rapid advancement in their direction. Correctly executed, an advancement always consists of the moving part, and the supporting part. While the other units move, one is still, preferably in cover, and provides strong supporting fire.
Once close enough, the moving part engages in combat with the enemy. If possible, fragmentation grenades should be used to blow the enemy out of cover.

Significant enemies in cover
When there are significant numbers of enemies in cover, or a strong fortification is spotted, a squad may request a mortar attack from the battalion command, or MobSqdr intervention. Furthermore, each squad is equipped with a single bunker-buster AT4 RPG, which they are encouraged to use in destroying fortifications.

Flexibility of execution is important in breaching. The concept of dedicated pointsmen standing in a specific position every time they breach is not only predictable, giving the enemy an advantage, but non-applicable in the tight corridors and differently shaped rooms of urban environments. Instead of a strict schematic to follow for breaching, the OTA uses a set of guidelines.
The door should either be blown off its hinges with either a shotgun or a tactical breach. Following this, a tear gas grenade should be thrown inside. Once the tear gas explodes, the units dash inside, swiftly killing anyone within. Alternatively, a fragmentation grenade may be used in lieu of tear gas in tight spaces with small chance of hard cover inside.


Who can deploy the OOF?

Standard units

1. Major+ ranked MiniPax.
2. The CivPro sectorial commander may deploy a single standard infantry squad IN EXTREME CASES, where MiniPax cannot be reached.
3. CmD+ may request - MiniPax MUST approve.

Only MiniPax holds jurisdiction over the Overwatch Occupation Force, and the forces may only be deployed in when authorised by the ministry. In urban environments, a MiniPax commanding officer ranked major or higher may mobilise the OOF. However, CivPro high command (CmD+) may request OOF intervention, when a city is at risk of total socio-structural collapse, or its civil integrity has been heavily compromised, eg. devastating terrorist attacks, attacks on high. The Sectorial Commander may deploy a single OTA squad in extreme cases, where MiniPax cannot be reached. In addition, if the CivPro within a given sector wishes so, they may request OOF for prepared joint operations and exercises. A non-general officer within the Ministry of Peace may use standard Overwatch units as personal guards.

1. Supreme Commander of the Overwatch Occupation Force
2. Commander of the Overwatch Occupation Force
3. Director of BlackShield
4. Other OOF officers may request - high command must approve.
5. SeC may request - Minipax MUST approve.

A REAPER strike-team may only be deployed in urban environments by 3 different officers within the Overwatch Occupation Force; the Supreme Commander, the Commander, and the BkSh Director. A strike-team should only be deployed for prepared operations, and under extraordinary threat of socio-structural collapse on a region-wide level.

1. Major general+ MiniPax.
2. BkSh and R&D Director
3. Global ministers

General officers and departmental chiefs within MiniPax may deploy CITADEL units to act as their personal guard. In addition, any global minister is authorised to deploy a single CITADEL unit to guard them in urban environments. When in the outlands, a global minister may have up to four CITADEL units.

How to deploy OOF?

When an OOF squad is deployed in times of crisis, the officer, be it MiniPax or CivPro, must brief the units on the specifics of their operation. Although transhuman, the units perfectly understand normal human language.

The briefing should be clear, to the point and quick. This briefing should typically be given over the radio when requesting OOF intervention, as the units deploy directly from their barracks into the battlefield. In addition, the deployer or requester must stay on frequency unless otherwise specified, to further advise the stabilisation team during their operation.

The briefing must comprise three distinct parts.
1. Situation
2. Mission
3. Execution

Below, is an example.
1. Situation: "A massive bomb has exploded within the primary living quarters of city 45. As result, a rebellion has broken out in the city. The core of this rebellion is believed to be in the restricted ward."
2. Mission: "You are being requested to cull this rebellion."
3. Execution: "Use any means necessary."
When the deployment is for a prepared special operation, possibly with BkSh intelligence, the briefing process should be more thorough. In such situations, the commanding officer of the operation will brief the units.

Directive deployment

There are certain standard operations which the OOF may execute with the activation of different Overwatch directives.

Directive Black-Zero
Complete OTA control over a sector. When B-0 is initiated, all Civilian, Civil Worker and Police populations will be relocated or expunged.

Directive Black-Four
Martial Law. The Sectorial and Administrators of a city is expunged and an OTA Occupation force is put in place, and officers are used to replace the Admin/SeC. OTA and OGCF troops are placed on the streets to begin policing procedures while Civil Protection is relieved of duty. The OTA command will place a representative military official in charge of the city/district under the title of Prefect-Governor.

Directive Tac-Zero
General quarantine. When a region, city, sector, etc is completely lost, a surrounding perimeter is to be placed to keep things out/in.

Directive Tac-Five
City lost. When an entire city is lost to anti-citizens, exogens, necrotics, Xen Species, etc. All Combine forces are ordered to retreat and regroup, and if necessary, begin a quarantine.

Directive Tac-Six
Sector lost. When an entire sector is lost to anti-citizens, exogens, necrotics, Xen Species, etc. All Combine forces are ordered to retreat and regroup, and if necessary, begin a quarantine.

Directive Tac-Seven
Sector/City retaking. Begin mobilisation to assault a sector/city and attempt to retake it by any means necessary.

Directive Tac-Nine
A forced coup D'etat on an Administrator. Removing an Administrator from office by force. Install an interim OTA mandated or command official administrator until a new one is selected by the City Council.

Directive Modus-Operandi
A line of succession edict. When the line of succession for civilian ministries is exhausted, and the OTA's turn is up, the highest ranking officer in the Department of Defence/OTA Command will be promoted to Minister of Peace, and will begin commanding as City Administrator under the title Prefect-Governor.
Mission Report

Once the units have ripcorded, the MiniPax officer who deployed the OOF assets must always file a mission report to the ministry. If the units were instead requested by a CivPro officer, they must file the report. Contained within must be the following points.

1. Name and rank of deploying officer (Requesting officer as well, if there is one)
2. Date, Exact Time, Location
3. Operational briefing given to units, verbatim
4. Casualties caused, approximately
5. Casualties suffered, their digits and ranks
6. Equipment lost
7. Mission result

Failure to file a mission report will unconditionally result in investigation and punishment.


SPEAR Overwatch Soldier

WEAPONS: SMG, USP Match, Frag Grenades, SMG Grenades
ARMOUR: Full Body Type IV

KING Overwatch Soldier
WEAPONS: OICW, USP Match, Frag Grenades
ARMOUR: Full Body Type IV

MACE Overwatch Close-Quarters Soldier
WEAPONS: SPAS-12, USP Match, Tear Gas
ARMOUR: Reinforced Full Body Type IV

REAPER Elite Overwatch Soldier
WEAPONS: OSIPR2, USP Match, Frag Grenades, Tear Gas
ARMOUR: Full Body Type V Bio-Synthetic
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