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Sep 5, 2020
Exontic Gaming - New Player Guide

Welcome New Player, to the Exontic Gaming HL2RP Server. Here at Exontic Gaming, we strive to make sure that our potentially new players are well educated of the Exontic Gaming Roleplay system, are ready for any In-Character occurences that may happen, and how one could solve it in a proper In-Character manner. Failure to abide by this guide may result in you being punished or pulled out of Roleplay to be re-taught.

This Guide is to provide you with the information to properly Roleplay in Exontic Gaming, not in other servers, though the systems in others servers are just about the same, we're not to be held accountable for any wrong doings in other servers that result in your ban/kick.

What does "Roleplay" Mean?
I'm glad you asked New Player, Roleplay is the acting out or performance of a particular role. For example, if you're out in your backyard playing military, that's a form of roleplay. Those movies you see in the theaters? That too is a form of roleplay. When you're pretending to be something, be it a monster, soldier, policeman, or any other living thing, that's roleplay. Pretending to be something that's for amusement purposes and fun, which leads us to HL2RP.

Chatbox Usage
There are various of ways to talk into the chatbox, using them correctly is highly recommended to prevent confusion. These ways consist of: OOC, LOOC, PM, and your standard IC Dialogue, we'll explain each of them right now:

OOC - To talk in this mode use "//" or "[[" before what you say. This will be open for everyone on the server to see, giving consent on response from anyone.
LOOC - Similar to OOC, except only people within your characters vicinity can see it, this makes only the people near you able to answer. To talk in this mode, use ".//" or ".[["
Private Messaging (PM) - This mode is used to address a certain person within the server, this mode is a bit inconvenient because it makes a rather annoying noise and it's tedious to respond each time, especially in the middle of the person you're messaging possibly in the middle of Roleplay. We don't recommend this mode unless the person you're messaging is open and willing to help. I recommend you take it to Steam chat if you're friended with the person in question, thus you're not interrupting as much.
IC Dialogue - When you say something in the chatbox without // or [[ in front of whatever you're saying, you're speaking In-Characterly (ICly) So when you say something, you're speaking as your character that you've made, not you in real life.
Commit a violation and CP are on your back?
Uh oh, have you done a bad thing and Civil Protection units are punishing you? Here's a step-by-step section to help you co-operate with them so you don't get extra beatings or maybe even detained.

You've commited a violation by running across the plaza, you get stopped by a Civil Protection Officer.
He'll give you a warning and proceed to inform you that the violation you're commiting is uncivil.
Oh, five minutes later you decide to do it again! He decides to put you on the wall.
He'll proceed to ask you to apply, you'd respond with /apply. This chatbox command will give you the information for the police officer to read and make sure you're clean or need points added.
He'll proceed to beat you 3 times and add one violation point per everytime you've commited this violation. BE CAREFUL! 12 points of those could get you killed!
Chat Commands and How and When they're used
Half-Life 2 Roleplay servers are known for having certain chatbox commands that make certain things easier. Here are some chat commands that are open to a basic player such as yourself that can be used.

/apply - Gives your information to CP's to put points on your data or to check for any points you may possess.
/me - This is the performing command, so if you want your character to perform a certain move (Example: Fighting moves, Attempting to run from police, etc.) then you MUST you this to give anyone else involved a chance to react.
/roll - This is used in partnership with the /me command, when typed and entered, it'll display a number between 0 and 100. On rare occasions, you may even land on 0 or 100. This chat command is used to determine if your /me move was succsessfull or not.
(This list is a work in progress as I'm not fully aware of ALL the basic commands. Critisizm is appreciated.)
How to become something else OTHER THAN a Citizen?
Looking to become a CP Officer, Vortigaunt, or a Rebel and enhance your roleplay experience by playing from a different perspective? We've already got specific applications with a format that must be followed. The links of these certain applications are below:

Metropolice Force Applications -

Vortigaunt Applications -

Resistance Applications -

Once you've completed the application for any of these specific characters, BE PATIENT AND DON'T BOTHER ADMINS TO LOOK AT IT! Admins will read when they have the time to do so, as our staff are quite busy people at times and don't have all the time to look at your one application.

Now that we've covered the basics of roleplay, now it's time for you to GET OUT THERE! When needed, any new players have the right to refer to this small guide and any questions in-game will be answered by our helpful Staff when available. As said before, we strive to make sure that potential regulars are welcome and free! Just don't break our rules, be serious and you'll be just fine!

Note: Guide is still in a Work-In-Progress phase, Author is open to ANY critisizm as to anything needed to be added, removed, changed, or extended. Leave comments BELOW!
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