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Sep 5, 2020
By - Doctor Samuel L. Grayson, M.D.

Being Part of the Hospital Staff:
As a Hospital Worker, it is your duty to maintain the health and well-being of the citizens of your city. From every medical situation to issue a citizen has, you need to be there to give them the best care they can receive. The clinic operates as a strictly neutral party who's only goal is to provide care in the medical field. Medicine is available to all those who require it.

What is the Hospital?
Under the Overwatch, the city has a Universal Healthcare programme in place, meaning all health care matters and medicine is free for all those who need it. The Hospital is a City Agency that is under the Ministry of Health and Human Services. It it is different from the HELIX/SHIELD unit in Civil Protection, which maintains the health of their own organisation. The Hospital works with the civilian populace in efforts to maintain health and human services.

General Duties:
To put it plainly, as a Hospital Worker, your duties are four things:
- Maintain the general health and well-being of the civilian population.
- Maintain paperwork and documentation.
- Maintain patient/doctor confidentiality.
- Specialise in your given field and carry out its duties.

Patient Care Reports:
A Patient Care Report, or PCR, is your main paperwork initiative - After you finish treating a patient, you are to fill out a PCR on hospital discharge. The PCR is a general document that states information such as patient name, condition, treatment etc. The PCR must be completed on all completed medical issues and placed inside the office.

The General layout for the PCR is posted at the front desk of the hospital, it must be filled out to the according to the layout and filed away.

PCR Layout:
Patient Name:
Type: (Medical or Trauma)
Chief Complaint: (What's actually wrong)
Treatment: (What you did)
Disposition: (What was the outcome)

Patient Type:
Patient issues fall into one of two categories. Either Truama, something caused by an outside force. Or Medical, something that happens within the persons body. For example, a medical would be someone sick whilst a trauma is someone hurt.

As previously stated, the CCA have their own divisions in the event an officer is wounded. As such, the main jurisdiction of a medical centre staff member is to the civilian population; the Hospital does not discriminate on age, sex, orientation, political affiliation or LP/VP status. However, if a crime is openly committed or someone is found to be a victim of a crime, you are ethically obligated to report it to the CCA. Hospital Staff must operate in the given parameters of the civilian population, meaning CCA cordoned areas are off limits.

Ranking System:
- Medical Director
The main administrator. Is in charge of all departments and administration of the hospital.
- Assistant Medical Director
Directly under the M.D - Has the same qualifications and acts as M.D when the M.D is out or not available. Assists the Medical Director in administrative tasks.
- Head Surgeon
Heads operations as well as administration regarding their department.
- Surgeon
General Surgery expert, performs operations under the Head Surgeon.
- Regional Nurse
Single individual who runs the Nursing department; in charge of general patient care-taking.
- C.N.A
Takes care of long term patients in the hospital who are recovering from wounds or medical conditions.
- Medical Staff Member
General non-specific staff members who spend their time doing jobs for the higher staff or patrolling citizen districts.
- Medical Assistant
Administrative assistant and general records specialists. They perform the general duties of office management and records.

1) Administration:
2) Surgical
3) Nursing
4) Medical Staff

Glass Vial Classifications: (Taken from Vulpe's guide)
> Glass vial list and definition: This list includes the full definition and types of the different glass vials that are given to each unit, and suministered over time.
>> Green Vial:Most basic type of vial. Enhances regeneration, meaning that it speeds up the wound healing, as well as stops any possible bleeding. Only for external wounds.
>> Blue Vial:Basic disinfectant for any flesh wounds that always must be applied, it has a high temperature, meaning it burns anything inside the flesh -It hurts.
>> Red Vial:Basic 0+ blood suminister available for all units, must be used when a unit's blood loss was big -Remember to stop the bleeding before applying this or it'll be useless.
>> White Vial:Contains basic painkillers that should be administered in light wounds or easy-to-threaten wounds. It's morphine.
>> Grey Vial:It's a full dose of anaesthesia, meaning that whoever gets injected by it will be unconscious by around three to four hours, useful for open-body operations.
>> Yellow Vial:Contains adrenaline, often useful to wake unconscious people up, or keep them up if they suffer from wounds and blood loss.
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