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  1. ShadyNasty

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    Member Name: Xylosma

    Steam Name: ShadyNasty

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:49460844

    What position are you applying for?: Bureau of Intelligence Chief Inspector (As far as I am aware the roster says we don't have one, in the case that we do have one, I am applying for a staff Inspector in the BOI.)

    Roleplay experience: I have about 2,500 hours of serious roleplay experience, and have been doing it for about 2 years now, as long as I have been in this community.

    Roleplay Example:
    (The Chief is investigating the death of a CAPA)
    Galen O'Brien leans down to get a closer look at the body, "Jesus christ."

    **The body lies in a mangled position, blood spattered around it, the back of the head somewhat stuck into the ground, bones obviously broken, and the body being belly-up.

    Galen O'Brien looks to the Civil Protection officer next to him, then looks up, noticing the bridge above, "Now what was he doing up there..." he would lowly state to himself.

    C18.MPF-UNION.02.34828 says "That bridge only leads to Skywatch and the condemned zone barrier. No need for a CAPA to be up there."

    Galen O'Brien looks at the unit with a face of discontent, "Thank you, captain obvious. Go thwart the peeking citizens please, no need for them to bother my scene."

    C18.MPF-UNION.02.34828 nods, "Copy that." and moves over to the crowded citizens at the scene, shouting at them to disperse.

    Galen O'Brien stands up swiftly, dusting off his long black coat, and walking over to the apartment building.

    Galen O'Brien opens the door on the fourth floor that leads to the bridge looming over the dead body, he inspects the cobblestone and surrounding area of where the body had fallen from, taking pictures with a small camera. He then walks back down to the unit.

    Galen O'Brien says "I've got all I need. The scene is ready for clean up."

    C18.MPF-UNION.02.34828 nods.

    C18.MPF-UNION.02.34828 radios "I need an 11-44 at my 10-20, under Skywatch bridge."

    Galen O'Brien walks away from the scene.

    Character Backstory:
    The early years:
    Born in Ireland in 1973, Galen has a middle class family and a father with a dangerous job. In 1980, when Galen was only 7 years of age, his father Dennis was part of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU), and killed in the line of duty. Galen never really had gotten to know his father, but colleagues and family wanted him to carry on the legacy of duty in the Garda Siochana, and he found interest in it as well. When he was of age, he attended Garda Siochana College for a degree in Police Management. After completing the schooling and receiving his degree, he enrolled in the Special Detectives Unit (SDU). Going through much training and soaking all the information in he could, life was going well.

    Life changes:
    In 1998, Galen was on duty to assist and investigate the telephoned indications of a bomb threat in Omagh. Police had moved civilians out of the area and they crowded in another. The investigation had ran for some 45 minutes while the police searched for the bomb, and Galen was conversing with a colleague near the crowd of people. *BOOM* His ears ringing intensely, he found himself on the ground, and next to him falls an arm, then a leg. Burnt limbs and bloody bodies lie around the area, complimented by crying and in-shock survivors to complete the scene of hell, their noises sounding miles away from Galen. He regains his balance of thought and stance, seeing his colleague trying to talk to him, his words drowning in the loud ringing Galen couldn't seem to shake.

    Shaking it off:
    It took Galen 2 years to fully recuperate his mind from that event. He secretly attended therapy, and hid his prescription drugs from the agency's knowledge. This taught him something great, how desperately he wanted to stay in his line of work.

    The Combine:
    Galen didn't even believe it when he first heard the news, he laughed it off and thought it was a hoax, until the action came to his country. At this point he had made it well in the SDU, with his hopes of becoming the Chief Detective Superintendent being demolished. No one had known what to expect, and due to the nature of the SDU, most detectives were conscripted into the BOI when it was created under the ministry. He had spent many years as an Inspector, and due to his experience and good work, he has now become the Chief Inspector of the Bureau of Intelligence.

    Character Name: Galen O'Brien

    Physical Description: Neat and clean suit/ Graying head and facial hair/ BOI Badge

    Trained with pistols and SMG's. Smart and calculating.

    Explosions/In some cases loud noises. Deaf in his right ear.

    Will you remain loyal to the UU?:

    By the grace and authority of the Universal Union,
    I swear to uphold the laws, regulations and protocols
    of the Combine Overwatch, Ministry of Information and Truth.
    I swear to protect and uphold the sanctity of the Union and my species
    With the hopes to one day aid in the worth to our benefactors.
    For on my honour, Gloria Societatis Catholicae et vigiliae et beneficii domini.
    (Ministry of Information Oath)
  2. L30N

    L30N Donator


    I need more opinions from players and/or staff as I haven't been in a scenario with you. I'll keep an eye on this thread and give my verdict once you receive more replies.
  3. Técknique™

    Técknique™ Donator

    I like this app. Short, yet sweet. I've also been in many RP scenarios with you and I think you are an amazing RPer; you're always IC, and you're fun to talk to aswell.

    I'm giving you a +Support for this application, I hope you get it.
  4. Antti

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    I don't like how short both the example and backstory are, but I know you're a good roleplayer even though your application fails to be very verbose.

  5. L30N

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    Seen you ingame since and can aggree with Antti; the app is quite short but I can tell you're a good roleplayer.
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