Vortigaunt Guide Xenos Bacillus [The Vortigaunt Plague] (Author: Amute)

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Sep 5, 2020
Xenos Bacillus [The Vortigaunt Plague] Amute
Xenos Bacillus - (XBP-1 [Xen Bacilli Pathogen - Substrain 1])
Name: Xenos Bacillus "The Vortigaunt Plague"

Classification: XBP

Substrain: 1

Origin: Xen Borderworld

Vector/Carrier: Vortiguants

Origin: Chimeric Virus - Vortiguant Cells and Vortigore Cells

Pathogen Type: Virus Disease, the infectious agent replicates itself inside the cells of living organisms.

Vulnerability: Human Cells, Vortigaunt Cells, Race-X, Assorted Xen relay Creatures

Signs and Symptoms: (In Order)
Early Stage
Fever - Elevation of Body Temperature
Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweating/Diaphoresis
Fatigue - Exhaustion
Vertigo - Dizziness
Cachexia - Rapid weight-loss
Pallor - Developing an unhealth Pale complexion
Late Stage
Hypotension - Low Blood pressure, indicating poor perfusion
Tachycardia - Increased heart rate
Delirium - Confusion and anxiety
Ataxia - Diminished Coordination
Depression - Sadness and impending sense of doom
Insomnia - Inability to Sleep
End Stage
Vision Loss - Progressive blindness
Hyphema - Bleeding from the eyes
Encephalitis - Inflammation of the Brain
End Stage Renal Failure - Kidney Failure
Acute Decompensated Heart Failure - Heart Functions begin to fail, diminished perfusion
Weeper Stage
Pseudo-Death - Renders the host all but biologically dead, shutting down most systems.
Cardiac Arrest - Cardiopulmonary failure, cessation of cardiac and respiratory functions

Affected Bodily Systems: Central Nervous System, cardio-vascular System, Endocrine System.

Alien Symptoms: Unfamiliar to the capabilities of Earth based viral infections The Weeper Stage known as Pseudo-Death will cause the body to shut down most systems until it reaches peak decay. In this state, the host is unable to rationalise or perform basic tasks. The virus will fully control the brain causing the host to wander, seemingly "weeping", hence the slang term "Weepers". In this stage, the body will rapidly decay, in 1-2 days, the person will collapse and the virus will die off with the host.

R-Nought Ratio: R0 2-3

Incubation Period: 4 Days - 1 Week

End-Stage Onset: 1 Month

Pathogenic Transmission: Fomites (Surface) and Airbourne Droplets

Suggested Treatments: Immunoglobulin Antibodies, Sub-set B-Cells, fluid treatment, palliative care and preventive measures

Precaution: Airbourne, BBP and Contact

External Viral Life Span: 2-4 Days (Surface). 4-5 Hours (Airbourne)

Pathophysiology: Within a week of contraction, the virus strain will primarily begin to attack the central nervous system of the host and begin to attack related systems as the disease replicates itself throughout the cerebrum. The disease is shown to primarily attempt to shut down systems of the host, providing a potential stable breeding environment for the micro-organisms. As the disease spreads across the brain, it becomes systematic, shutting down systems until the heart shuts down. Afterwards, the virus will take control of the brain, showing parasitic properties. It will survive in the reanimated host for a few days until the body shuts down, decaying beyond salvage for the virus

Epidemiology: The spread of the disease devastated parts of the Vortigaunt population on first impact before it moved into a reclusive state, only appearing in intervals. The disease has a habit of lasting for about a year, or two at the most before moving into a reclusive state. If proper isolation precautions are taken, the spread of the disease can be staved off for the duration of its active state.

Patient Zero: Widely believed to have developed in a Vortigore, a Race-X creature on the Xen Relay.

Microbiology: The cells are a hybrid of various Race-X species with a Chimeric Viral strain. It's highly immune to many treatments and any cure. Being non-bacterial, it is immune to antibiotics. The disease, while transfered from sentient species to sentient species, has its roots in being zoonoses, being spread by Xen animals.

Etiology: Vortigaunt elders familiar with the disease report the Virus first showed it self on the Xen Borderworld about 800 Years ago, long after the Vortigaunts and Nihilanth settled on Xen. Race-X species, most notably the Vortigore, were considered the source of the disease.
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