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Discussion in 'Denied' started by !Trousers, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. !Trousers

    !Trousers Guest

    From: City Administrator, City Three
    To: City Administrator, City Eighteen
    Msgref: 07GMS5T
    Date: 28/07/1998
    Subject: Employment of a new clerical assistant to the inquisitorial minister

    [SteamName !Trousers]
    [SteamID STEAM_0:0:22064054]
    [RP Experience: 3 months serious militaryRP, 1 month serious HL2RP]
    Candidate name: Eliza Smith
    DOB: 01/03/1976
    Current address: Apartment 8C, Duncourt Lane, New Warwick, City 3
    Current employment: Apprentice solicitor
    Citizen status: Compliant
    Appearance: Unremarkable, medium-length black hair in a ponytail

    Behavioural example:
    -Man: Excuse me, Miss.
    -Eliza ignores the man
    -Man clears his throat
    -Man: Excuse me, Miss!
    -Eliza: (Flatly) I'm busy. Come back in half an hour.
    -Man walks around Eliza's desk to stand next to her and folds his arms
    -Eliza: Listen, I...
    -Eliza looks up and sees the man's face
    -Eliza: (Surprised) Oh, I beg your pardon Mr Nicholls. I didn't think you were coming until this afternoon.

    Eliza is the only child of Horace Smith, an ex-concert pianist from city three, and Doreen Smith (formerly Doreen Pike), a journalist from city eleven forced to flee upon its destruction. Mr and Mrs Smith took advantage of district three's thriving economy and education system to put Eliza through school and university. She was recognised as a bright child and a hard worker early on, receiving many awards from her school. She graduated top of her class with a double first in law and politics and was presented the Parker Cup, a prestigious award for exceptional academic attainment.
    On January 28th, 1997, Eliza accepted a job offer to work at Foxmange and Burns Legal, as an apprentice solicitor. However, a week later her family's house was raided by civil protection officers, who declared that her mother was to face relocation due to her lack of a valid residency permit. Her mother's new location may or may not be near the outskirts of city eighteen.
    Notable skills/talents: Intelligent, articulate, can be persuasive at times
    Notable fears: Fear of death, fear of failure
    Psychological evaluation score: 23.2
    IQ score: 138
    Body mass index: 19.35 (Healthy)

    Reason for reemployment: Family-related
    Criminal record: None
    Medical record: Candidate has a history of fits from a young age. While these appear to have stopped, candidate is still unsuitable for civil protection duties.
    Job title: Clerical assistant
    Job responsibilities: Filling in paperwork, making deliveries, writing reports, liaison with civilians and the CWU, assisting with the day-to-day administration of city eighteen
    Potential promotion opportunities: Deputy Minister, Minister, District Administrator, City Administrator
    Job type: Passive

    Equipment needed (max 3): ID badge, pen, paper
    Weapons needed: None
    Clothing needed: None
    Training needed: Candidate should be shown to the office of the city administrator and given a short briefing
    Salary: Minimal
    Will candidate remain loyal to the city administrator: Yes


    Accept application? Yes/No

  2. L30N

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  3. iAmDX9

    iAmDX9 The Non-Flying Dutchman

    Looks fun to me, I've never seen this sort of app before. We have our own format though like L30N said.
  4. !Trousers

    !Trousers Guest

    Yeah, sorry if it's hard to read or anything. I was keeping it as IC and as loyal to the RP universe as possible - if a CA wanted to deliver a worker to another city, would would they get in contact? What other information might be provided? How could information from this be translated into the actual game? Etcetera, etcetera.

    I carefully looked over the form prior to posting this, and all the information needed by the form can be found here in the application. I've just added some extras to make it [lie]more exciting[/lie].

    If you're really struggling to find some aspect from the form, I'd be happy to repost it below but I think you should have everything you need there.
  5. L30N

    L30N Donator

    I do like the rp side to it, after reading over it, it is an acceptable format. I'm going to let this get some feedback before Accepting/Denying it. Also, in my quick scan of your app, the bmi stood out. According to that, she's borderline obese, which, in a world fed by rations, is close to impossible. So, I'd either lower that to around 17-20 (Or below) or give a body fat percentage along with the bmi (To show if she had some muscle adding to the weight). This isn't a major problem.. Or that much of one at all, but it did catch my eye.
    (For the bmi, I estimated her height to be 5'7, which means she weighs around 160lbs)
  6. !Trousers

    !Trousers Guest

    Ahh, thank you very much! :D
    No sooner said than done.
  7. Colonel Sanders

    Colonel Sanders Lord of the Wings/Union Divisional

    I don't like your app format, Just go with the standard format.
    Neutral Until fixed
  8. Gear

    Gear That One Sane Admin

    "Dear god, just follow the fucking recipe!" -Chef

    Yeah, and you even managed to screw it up "ICly".

    This is an interesting format, but yeah, we have our own formats for a reason.
    Not to mention that there is not notable backstory; just a short bio.
    And the "RP example" is just too short.
    -Support until proper format is used.
  9. Vorteh

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    We have our own format, use it. You can't use your own.
    And everything is just too short.
  10. L30N

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