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    The Five Continents of the World
    Name: Occident
    Nations: Kellian Empire, Sytri Confederacy
    Environment: Diverse; South is arid desert, north is Arctic tundra, west is temperate, east is mountainous.
    Notable Regions: Fayn Desert, The Northern Taiga, Miskatonic Forest, Argon Coast, Zillertal Alps
    Languages Spoken: High Gothic, Low Gothic, Norsesturm, Sytria

    Name: New Victoria
    Nations: Kellian Empire
    Environment: Arid desert to south, Rainy and Temperate to north
    Notable Regions: Stonehaven, Fox Hills, The Badlands
    Languages Spoken: Low Gothic, High Gothic, Abermouth

    Name: Nihon Retto
    Nations: The Nihon Retto Empire, Kellian Empire
    Environment: Temperate and Tropical
    Notable Regions: Aberdeen Harbour
    Languages Spoken: Nihoon, Low Gothic, High Gothic

    Name: Red Sands
    Nations: Afri-Angol Republic (Currently in Civil War), Kellian Empire
    Environment: Arid Desert (Abnormally red sand)
    Notable Regions: Afri-Angol Atoll, Red Coast
    Languages Spoken: Angoli

    Name: Contour
    Nations: Polaris, The Beaufort, and Norbottom Bay, Kellian Empire
    Environment: Arctic tundra peninsula
    Notable Regions: Bengalus Caucasus, Storm Canal, Lennox Island,
    Languages Spoken: Various, Low Gothic, High Gothic, Gurha
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