The Poetry Dump

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by L30N, Feb 15, 2015.

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  1. L30N

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    The plaza was packed, and all did await,
    The punishment fitting Plisken's fate.
    They stood, whispering under the rain.
    Then all silence was broken with a scream of pain.
    The scream was of agony, absolute.
    True pain, the watchers couldn't refute.
    At last, the inspectors revealed the source:
    he was kicked down the stairs without any remorse.
    He tumbled and bounced again and again,
    and was finally introduced as the Warden.
    Plisken holding camp, he did oversee
    "After all these years you do this to me?"
    He was silenced with haste,
    a suit shoe to his face;
    sent his head to the ground,
    some gasped others frowned,
    If one thing was certain, no one was happy to see:
    Vonel, McCallister, Buckow the inspectors three.
    Vonel strutted forward, to address the crowd,
    McCallister beat the warden and Buck looked quite proud.
    "Who we are, what we do, don't be concerned.
    Though I'm sure you're aware we've earned:
    A reputation as the vigilant few,
    who watch over and protect all of you."
    Vonel continued to speak and pace,
    McCallister continued to dent the warden's face,
    and Buckow looked quite proud.
    "This, is to show, failure isn't allowed,
    I wouldn't trust the CP to paint a fence,
    after all they show only incompetence!"
    As Vonel paused for emphasis,
    once more the warden's face met fist,
    he lay on the floor, began to splutter and wheeze,
    he looked at the crowd and croaked "Please..."
    But none would offer a helping hand,
    and blow after blow continued to land.
    The plaza watched in horror, taking it in,
    so much they wouldn't realise they'd soaked to the skin,
    they thought they'd seen the worst, but still,
    it all changed when McCallister drew his pistol.
    He stood side on so the crowd could see
    Warden begged once more "Don't kill me!"
    His pleas went unheard as his head was shot,
    but two bangs could be heard by the lot.
    Vonel saw it first and reacted fast,
    he took out the SHIELD with blast after blast.
    But he didn't see in the corner of his view,
    The SInt shot at him, and was then shot too.
    Buckow pulled the trigger again and again,
    before stopping for a moment until when:
    the janitor grabbed the PSYCHO,
    Buckow quickly put him on death row,
    and loosed eighteen shots into his back,
    and with that swiftly ended the attack.
    Vonel was quick to negotiate with the SeC,
    who caressed Vonel and dreamt of breaking his neck.
    Vonel promised he'd write up a report,
    but wasted all his paper building a fort.
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    Fucking bravo, fantastic
  3. L30N

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  4. L30N

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    I figured why not start another series of poems while I'm at it, not great but here goes nothing.
    Letter One:
    Dear girl, it's been two weeks since you've gone;
    some of the du's askin' what's goin' on.
    They says you left us to join the CP,
    that sounds like some shit or is it just me?
    After all we been through, I just can't see it.
    All they put us through wouldn't that be some shit?
    It's not safe out there, you've seen it yourself,
    so come on back before you risk your health,
    there's nothing left out there for you to find,
    or do I gots to remind you what they do to our kind?
    Shit, they shot Michael up just last week,
    heard the echoes echoing throughout the creek.
    I knew us taking that way was dumb,
    no point in dwelling though, it's done.
    But, yo, I'm digressing, 
    can't fault me for stressing.
    Just keep fighting, an stay strong.
    Write fast so I know nothin' wrong.
  5. Hex

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    Reminds me of 'Stan' by Eminem, I look forward to the next :^)
  6. L30N

    L30N Donator

    At some point I fucked up the meter bad but fk u I just wanted to do a thing in a universe I kinda wanted to start writing in okay god

    I didn't think of a cool name either one of u give it a name
    Drip drip drip they echo in the cold.
    The pipe was broken, rusted and old.
    Often abandoned but far from it tonight,
    pitch black, save from a dull flashlight.
    The warehouse was left unwatched in the rain,
    none left to hear the terrible screams of pain.
    And deep within the dark abyss
    could one find the source of this.
    His body trembling, bloodstained.
    His hands tightly bound.
    His feet, broken, unchained.
    His pulse barely found.
    He wasn't sure what he'd done to deserve this fate,
    and though he begged and begged his death would have to wait.
    The duo, or trio -it's hard to tell which-
    watched him wail and snivell like a bitch.
    After all what would a murder be without some flavour?
    A note or letter written as a favour.
    A well recognised and remembered trait.
    A piece of poignant written bait.
    To tease, tantalise and of course taunt,
    that they still do as they want.
    And even take the time of day
    to mock the law in their own way.
    With the man sliced from ear to ear.
    The letter, finished. The notion, sated.
    the pair heard from speakers near:
    an unfamiliar voice, belated.
    "City eighteen has been liberated!"
    #YouCouldBeAnywhere when it #Happens
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    sorry leon i still like kanye better
  8. Turlington

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    i miss the old l30n
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  9. L30N

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    I couldn't sleep so I made this
    It's called the poetry dump
    I'm sorry it's meta
    The wind blew. White?
    And no one read. Black?
    It wasn't through. Six.
    And still it bled. Two.
    We thought we knew. Me?
    Through constant blame. You.
    At you it ate. Nine?
    Love you loads xyxx. Twelve.
    (It says lost)
    I'm sorry I had to dial it back so you get the cryptic meme component

    Also the new name is why can't I sleep

    got eeem
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    I don't get it yet but you made it so it must be gold
  11. L30N

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    shout out poe sry i missed ur birthday..

    The Dark Passenger:

    I sat distracted, time slowing, a passenger within silently stowing, oh that aching feeling growing, fearing what might be in store.
    I took the bet and quickly blundered, from my stomach my body thundered, felt my cheeks suddenly sundered, what am I being punished for?
    And so I was, class adjourning, quickly standing, shrieking, turning, pleading that there’ll be nothing more.
    I burst inside the room of deucing, felt my bowels quickly loosing, and see not one vacant door.
    And shit myself, for evermore
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    this gives a whole new meaning to poetry dump
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