The Kellian Empire: The Government

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    While the Imperator (Empress or Emperor) is the highest official in the entire country, the empire is more run as an autonomous oligarchy. Directly under the office of the Imperium is their cabinet, which are advisor's and run the largest forms of government. Underneath the cabinet is the Board of Governors and Imperial Ministry.

    The Organisation:
    Office of the Imperium
    Led by the Imperator (Empress/Emperor), it is composed of the Viceroy and a team of advisors. The Viceroy holds no personal political power however is the personal envoy of the imperator and carries their power wherever they go.

    The Cabinet of the Empress/Emperor
    Made up of leaders of the highest echelons of government, it's composed of...
    - The Consul; Lord-Regent (Head of state in absence/incapacitation of Imperator)
    - Prime Minister of the Imperial Parliament
    - Governor-Commissar (head of the Commissirat)
    - High Chancellor of the Kellian Armed Forces
    - High Constable of the Kellian Grand Army
    - Warden of the Watch (Citywatch)
    - Lord Commander (Marshal's office)
    - High Oveseer of The Order (Leader of The Order)
    - Chief Directorate of the ICSS
    - Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy
    - Sky Marshall of the Luftwaffe
    - Provost Marshal of the Military Peacekeepers
    - Lord Governor of the Board

    The Imperial Parliament
    The Parliament is led by the Prime Minister and it is composed of ministers of the government that deliberate and rule certain functions of the empire, from fealty to finances.
    - Prime Minister
    - Ministry of Information
    - Ministry of Truth
    - Ministry of Plenty
    - Ministry of Labour
    - Ministry of the Interior
    - Ministry of War

    The Board of Governors
    Led by the Lord-Governor, it's the only time provincial governors can come together and discuss their leaderships to the rest of the empire. It's composed of Provincial-Governors and a select few Urban-Prefects (Mayors of towns, cities and villages that reside in their province)

    Provincial Government
    Led by the autonomous Governor and his team of advisor's. Usually they have representatives of departments from the upper echelons of the Imperium to keep them in line, while they are there merely as advisory, it places considerable influence on certain Governors. Under the governors are Urban-Prefects, who act as mayors for metropolitan areas as well as small towns and villages. All non-military enforcement and legal/financial matters follow a chain past the governor that goes to the top of the empire (although there is a significant disconnect between provincial leaders and imperial leaders of certain things like police and economics.)

    **The Kellian Aristocracy**
    While not an official member of government, the highest class of living in Kellia hold considerable political sway and enjoy both lavish lifestyles as well as the most say in their government​

    Imperial Departments of Government and Enforcement:
    Grand Imperial Army of the Kellian Empire
    The overall ground armed forces of the Kellian Empire, due to the military dominate culture of Kellia, they hold substantial control over the Empire. The military operates highly de-centralised, as most regiments are under the direct command of a local province, and indirect command of the overall government.

    Imperial Parliament
    Composed of ministries, led by the prime minister

    Board of Governors
    Composed of Provincial governors, led by the Lord-Governor.

    The Commissariat of the Armed Forces of Kellia
    An organisation of Commissars, who are junior members of the Imperators political party who have honorary military officer rank and are attached to regiments to ensure loyalty. They posses power to veto officers in equal rank.

    The Office of the City-Watch and Auxiliary Police
    The administration for the constabulary that exists throughout the empire. They control over the City-Watch and their volunteer posse/mobs who have been temporarily deputised for an intended purpose.

    The Office of the Royal Marshals
    The Royal Marshals are a group of law enforcement who's jurisdiction spread across the Empire, they are assigned usually to outlying areas outside metro areas who are protected under local law enforcement and military.

    The Order
    Scholars and religious figures part of the Abbey of the Ecclesiastical Court, which is the state religion.

    Imperial Committee for State Security
    Nicknamed "The Security Service", they are the military intelligence and secret police of the empire, who differ from the Ministry of Information who are the civilian thought police.

    Imperial Navy
    The main maritime warfare branch of the armed forces

    The vast avaiation warfare branch of the armed forces.​

    The Office of the Peacekeeping Forces
    Military police led by the provost marshal, they are usually used to protect military infrastructure, self-police their military and are occupational forces for newly conquered areas.​
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