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    "In an uncertain world in an uncertain time, there lies the wartorn continent of Occident, besieged by a prolonged war fought between the desert nation of the Sytri Confederace and the technologically advanced Kellian Empire."

    Many years ago, a very good and old friend of mine known as The_Tishler on Roleplay Wonderland created an incredible RP called Free Company, I was obsessed with it and we brought it out for many years. Joe elected to let the lore surrounding it be player made, we pretty much made it up as we went along. Skip ahead many years later, the RP had since phased out but the story was fleshed out by both Joe and myself, and the talented people of RPWL over many years. I decided since so much player work went into it, it's about time I fill in the lore gaps with his permission and turn this back into something. I feel it'd be an absolute crime for such a brilliant lore go to waste, so i've been looking for excuses to apply it to something.

    The Original Story:
    The original story is set in medias res to the Kellia-Sytri war in the background, the main characters consist of rejects of their perspective nation, typically military, who joined a Free Company mercenary group known as "Hatun's Hellhounds", formed by a former Sytri Officer Amal Hatun and daughter of prolific and well respected Sytri general Grand General Hal 'Howitzer' Hatun. The Free Company moved from front line to front line trading work for money using the only skills the rejects in Hatuns Hellhounds knew. While both sides hated them, they used their services as a means to bolster their ever dwindling manpower as the years of war have devastated the population of young healthy men able to fight for whichever side conscripted them first. The four main characters that I remember were Amal Hatun [Tishler] herself (A nymphomaniac and spoiled brat daughter of a great Sytri Commander who made one to many mistakes), Hiram (A Kellian sniper who's rival commanding officer suffered a mysterious accident.), Adrian [Me] (A Kellian Commissar and officer who committed one too many atrocities), and a mysterious war-mage who left the Sytri military for unknown nefarious reasons.

    The main story is set on the continent of Occident, the largest continent in the world, which encompasses the two nations: The Sytri Confederacy and the Kellian Empire. These two nations have been at war for many years, longer than most people have the care to date back, and no one really knows why it started, other than a tragic series of events that led to the two nations warring with one another.

    The World:
    The world is made up of five continents with outlying islands and peninsulas.
    Occident: The largest continent in the world, made up of two nations (Kellia and Sytri), very diverse climate stretching across the length of the world. [Europe (north) and Middle East (south)]
    Nihon Retto: The Archipelago nation off the coast of Occident, made up of many islands, each having their own nation that was united under one empire. [Japan]
    New Victoria: A large solid mass of land way in the south east of Occident, colonised originally by northerns of the Occident. [Australia]
    Red Sands: A mass of land surrounded by an atoll far in the south off the coast of Oceanie, the land is covered entirely in blood red sand, the continent is considered peculiar and alien to the rest of the world. [Africa]
    Lennox Island: An Arctic peninsula made up of three sections, Contour/Storm Canal/Bengalus, far in the north west, outside the three city-states alongside its coastline, there only exists tribes and towns with no organised system of government. [Scandinavia]

    The Nations:
    Sytri Confederacy - Formed together from many tribes in the Fayn Desert, it became one massive entity with de facto tribes under their control alongside it. Led by the Sultan and his Grand Vizier and under them the Sheikhs High Porte.
    Kellian Empire - The vast decentralised empire that spreads across continents. The empire is made up of autonomous provinces led by imperial governors that pledge fealty to the Emperor, however have say over their own land.
    Nihon Retto Empire - Formed from the conquest of many island nations, the empire is extremely isolationist and alienated.
    The Three Contour Arctic Independent City-States - Composed of the free city-states of Polaris, The Beaufort, and Norbottom Bay.
    Afri-Ango Republic - An embattled Republic that is currently fighting a five way civil war, this conflict has kept them mostly neutral on the Kellian-Sytri War.

    Magic, Technology and Creatures:
    Magic, known as Magicka, is fairly common in this universe, albeit considered taboo depending on the nation or culture. Magicka is fairly confusing even to the most masterful sorcerer, no one really knowing where it came from or how it works, just how to harness it. Some see it as witchcraft while others openly embrace it. For example, Sytri troops use magic to arrive at generally the same solutions as Kellians do, with everything from rifles shooting ice shards to tank destroyers firing acids and magically enhanced shells.

    Kellians have a very strong reliance on technology and elect to abandon, for the most part, magicka in place of advanced technology. For the most part, the Kellians are on par with WW1-WW2 style tech, subsequent with extremely antiquated computers known as cogitators, which act as algorithm machines. The Kellians use horse mounted units still, but prefer tanks, trucks and motorcycles. Kellian paratrooper battalions operate out of large airships that roam the sky, with the assistance of WW1 era biplanes that made up the bulk of Kellian air superiority.

    Humans are the only real sentient species to exist, however many types of mythical creatures/semi-sentient creatures exist across the world, most notably Goblins, Drakes, Karkadanns, Djinn and irradiated undead humans (Infected with the White Plague)

    WORK IN PROGRESS (Basically Kellia = Polytheistic Abrahamic. Sytri = Muslim mixed with Hindu)

    The Armies:
    Important points of the Kellian Military: Besides the use of healing magic, technology is at the forefront of the Kellian arsenal. Attached to most units is a junior member of the Emperor's cabinet who have been given honourary rank by the Emperors Commissiart; these commissars are to instil fear and loyalty into the soldiers of the empire, having the power to veto orders given by their equivalent rank. There exists a secret police known as the Imperial Committee for State Security (ICSS) that ensure loyalty to the empire amongst provincial governments, their military and its citizenry. Each Province has their own military, all of which part of the grand Kellian Army. Each province's military is known as a Provincial-Regiment which is led by the Imperial Governor during times of war. The Kellian military are very archaic in their tactics and choices of warfare, relying heavily on attrition warfare via the use of trenches and establishing "Front lines".

    Important points of the Sytri Military:
    Relying heavily on a magic and technology hybrid, they do not shun technology, only applying their mystical craft. The Sytri are very headstrong and prideful, putting much stock, to some fault, in respect and loyalty. They fight with ferocity and posses many intelligent general, so much of their success can be seen in that they have held a solid and bloody stale-mate with the Kellians. They rely heavily on war-mages as a means of support units. They also use enchanted algorithm machines.

    Key Figures:
    The Empress - The figurehead and highest person of power of the Kellian Empire, she rules absolutely however allows much freedom to her Provincial governors.
    Imperial-Governor Barnaby Fitzroy - The Governor-General of the Miskatonic Province.
    Lord-Commissar Israel Holt- The lead commissar assigned to the Miskatonic Regiment, operates alongside Taggart.
    Field Marshal Jacob Taggart - Field commander under Fitzroy of the Miskatonic Regiment

    Agha Malik - The Agha (Civilian military commander) of the Sytri forces presently fighting in the Miskatonic operational theatre.

    Server Lore:
    As of now, the map [rp_salvation_2_stalker_snow] is set in the namesake forest of the province, The Miskatonic Forest, in a large town known as Monmouth Village. Monmouth has been the frontline for many months as Sytri forces have contested the forest for the duration. The battle for the miskatonic forest has hit a stand-still, as both sides are worn down from the fighting, are receiving very few reinforcements and are both entrenched on each side of the forest. A typical occurrence in the war.

    *As a note, all HL2RP data (SQL included) will be saved and stored safely somewhere just incase we go back to it.

    (Server Factions Only)
    -=Kellian Empire=-
    - Miskatonic Regiment (Grand Imperial Army): Primary fighting forces in the province
    - Villagers of Monmouth (Villagers): Having been held up in their partly war-torn town for many months, supplies and morale grow low, the citizens are using the winded down-time to try and rekindle their lives and return to some level of normality.
    - Provincial Government: The central government for the entire Province of Miskatonic, including town leadership and the governor.
    - The Commissariat, Miskatonic Province Branch (The Commissariat): Commissars attached to the Miskatonic Regiment.
    - Imperial Committee for State Security, Monmouth Field Office (The Committee): The Secret Police
    - Monmouth City Watch: The police forces that exist within the town, most of the able bodied ones have been conscripted into the army already.
    - Monmouth Militia: The Reserve army for the main regiment, made up of youth and ageing individuals, they assist the City Watch heavily.

    - Eastern Trade Union: While being the largest corporation in Kellia, they maintain neutrality in the war, obviously favouring Kellian enterprise.
    - Bandits: Criminals, rejects and convicts who live in the wilderness, preying on anyone who passes by.
    - Partisans: Anti-imperial Kellian insurgents who are in active resistance to the military, maintaining neutrality to the Sytri.

    -=Sytri Confederacy=-
    Sytri Expeditionary Forces: A large contingent of troops sent into Miskatonic Province to topple it and use the forest to their advantage, one of many fronts the Kellians and sytri fight eachother on.​
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