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Discussion in 'Server Updates' started by Paladin Reese, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Paladin Reese

    Paladin Reese Supreme Overlord Staff Member Owner

    Slots have been reduced to 25 from 32, due to the literally no population almost 100% of the time.

    Slots will continue to be reduced by 5 each invoice (each month), until the server hits, well 5. After that the server will be shutdown permanently.

    That is...unless we have people populate the server like we did in the past.

    If you guys have a problem with how whitelists or whatever are being run in the server, let us know.
  2. madbro99

    madbro99 Guest

    To be honest you may as well shut it down when it hits 10-15 because... What's the point?
  3. Laklod

    Laklod Guest

    wow madbro wants the worst 4 the server
  4. Manshark

    Manshark Guest

    really.. may as well just shut it down
  5. Amute

    Amute Lord-Commissar Staff Member Owner

    I can start by shutting you down, manshark.
  6. Laklod

    Laklod Guest

    But really now, Don't expect the population to blow in THIS time, We've gotta learn for exams and shizzle, so until 20-30 dec. the population will be rather poor.
  7. Colonel Sanders

    Colonel Sanders Lord of the Wings/Union Divisional

    i have all this time to get on, but the problem is. Nobody else wants to get on, I mean, they have all of these characters but don't want to do anything.
  8. Autonomous

    Autonomous Veteran Half-Life 2 Roleplayer - Administrator

    That's because the server needs some changes, I think.
  9. Mr. Bones

    Mr. Bones MIA

    Not a discussion thread, most likely going to lead to arguments

    i think we have multiple discussion threads for this

  10. Amute

    Amute Lord-Commissar Staff Member Owner

    Next payment period is a week into February.

    If the server does not show activity, I'm dropping 7 slots.
  11. Amute

    Amute Lord-Commissar Staff Member Owner

    Slots are going back up to 20 to compensate for Turlington, Antti and myself's repopulation efforts.
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