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    What Division do you wish to join?:
    Roleplay Experience:
    I have started to serious role-play for a little more than a year now on various types of servers. As diverse as Metro 2033, Stalker, Half Life 2, Fallout, and several others. I used to be relatively active on this server earlier in the 2013 year from February to April but then lost interest in Garry's Mod for a while until last August in which I renewed my intrigue in role play and Garry's Mod.
    Roleplay Example:
    'Whisper' sits in the corner of a dark and dreary alley, it is filled with trash and scum as the occasional rat can be seen scurrying with carrion or plastic in its mouth.
    'Whisper' listened carefully as he fidgeted with the utility knife in his hands, he could of sworn he had heard someone or something.
    'Whisper' stands slowly from the ground sliding to his feet looking to the left exit of the alley, a faded green trashcan with the paint peeled off of it stands near the wall but not much else.
    'Dodger' comes around the right side of the alley spotting 'Whisper' standing there, he grins lightly to himself crossing his arms
    'Dodger says "Whisper, you lost or what man?"
    'Whisper jumps slightly as his heart begins to race as he begins to reek with adrenaline before calming down to realize it was 'Dodger'.
    'Whisper' turns around smiling sheepishly at 'Dodger' moving towards him more casually.
    'Whisper says "Heh...looks like you got me again Dodger."
    'Dodger grin becomes wider as he moves up to 'Whisper' laughing throwing his arms around him squeezing him tightly.
    'Dodger' says "It has been weeks man, I thought I would find you sulking around the alleys like usual!"
    'Whisper' returns the hug patting his old friend on the back before releasing and stepping back slightly grinning.
    **Several gunshots ring through the air in the distance, both look around ignoring them as they sound quite far away.
    'Whisper' says "I thought you got shot up man, that's what the others say."
    'Dodge' face contorts into one of annoyance as he scoffs indignantly shaking his head.
    'Dodge' says "I bet you 'Ashtray' kept feeding you these bullshit stories right?"
    'Whisper' says "Yes, him and 'Larva' kept telling me you got killed in that raid you guys did, I believed them and thought you were dead so...I guess I just kept on with life after feeling like my best friend got killed."
    **The group can suddenly hear the vocoders of two separate Civil Protection units, snippets of what they say can be heard "...Forward two..moving..investigating...31S..."
    'Ashtray' radios "Whisper! Where are you? Get back here man, we got a load of protection units coming this way and we need to lay low!"
    'Whisper' looks over at Dodger with a stern look nodding at him gripping his knife moving to the edge of the alley.
    'Dodger' follows carefully pulling the shotgun off his back opening the pouch on his waist grabbing a few shells putting them in the weapon pumping it as quietly as possible.
    C18.MPF-SWORD-GRID.03.66723 moves behind the EpU closely almost against the right wall keeping his SMG ready and in position as he approaches the alley.
    C18.CCA-ZONE.EpU.90245 is slightly behind the SWORD unit as he holds the shotgun in his hands preparing to go down the alley to rendezvous with the other team.
    'Whisper' grips the knife hearing the Civil Protection approaching he shifts his head nodding at 'Dodge' behind him.
    'Whisper' moves around the corner attempting to bring the utility knife down onto the SWORD unit.
    'Dodge' follows moving around the corner lifting his shotgun attempting to fire at the EpU.
    C18.MPF-SWORD-GRID.03.66723 can not raise his SMG in time but attempts to dodge and slam the anti-citizen in the face with the SMG.
    **'Whisper rolls 62 [[+10 for melee at close range]]
    **C18.MPF-SWORD-GRID.03.66723 rolls 43 [[+ 5 for SWORD division, No MP7 bonus due to not being able to fire]]
    C18.MPF-SWORD-GRID.03.66723 groans in pain as the utility knife is jammed not to deep in to his right shoulder as he stumbles back his MP7 going limp slightly with his arm as he attempts to orient himself
    C18.CCA-ZONE.EpU.90245 fires his already raises shotgun at 'Dodges' lower body.
    'Dodge' rolls 45 [[+5 for T3 Resistance, +25 for close range shotgun]]
    C18.CCA-ZONE.EpU.90245 rolls 47 [[+25 for close range shotgun, +15 EpU bonus]]
    'Dodge' yelps in pain as his knee and upper thigh on his right leg is nearly torn apart as he falls to the floor.
    'Whisper' panics before running back down the alley while using his radio "God damn it! Help, they got 'Dodge'!"
    C18.CCA-ZONE.EpU.90245 allows the rebel to run away ignoring him as he puts the shotgun over his back grabbing 'Dodges' neck lifting him in to the air with ease due to the augmentations.
    'Dodge' can not struggle as he fades in and out of consciousness since his leg is nearly gone.
    C18.MPF-SWORD-GRID.03.66723 has pulled the knife out of his shoulder and is breathing a little raggedly gripping his SMG in his unwounded hand, his shoulder armor stopped some of the knife but even still a inch or so penetrated his shoulder.
    C18.CCA-ZONE.EpU.90245 realizes that this man will not survive much long and then takes his other hand placing it on the underside of his chin jerking his head to the left violently attempting to snap his spine.
    'Dodge' gasps is cut off as the heavily augmented EpU snaps his neck and his body goes limp and lifeless.
    C18.CCA-ZONE.EpU.90245 drops the body to the floor unceremoniously before taking out his shotgun again nodding towards the SWORD before heading on down the alley.
    Andrei Phillipe was born in Avignon, France which was an average sized city in southern France. The date of his birth was January 30th 1985 as he was born in to a family living on the outskirts of Avignon. He mother worked as a psychiatrist in the downtown region of the city and generally was not home often. His father was a auto mechanic in a small garage area near their home. At the age of six, Andrei Phillipe was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and had issues making friends through primary, junior high, and high school due to being extremely shy and adverse to talking to new people all though he had no problem once he broke the stranger or acquaintance barrier.

    After graduating high school in early April 2003 he moved to Paris, France to engage in opportunities in life and began to work as a cashier for convenience stores with little to no goals in that time due to his poor cash flow. Not but a month passed on May 16th when the Resonance Cascade occurred at the Black Mesa facility. Shortly after this devastating disaster which opened up portals to the Xen Border-world the Portal Storms began to blemish the Earth. For the first few months the storms are confined to the Black Mesa facility but eventually spread around the world covering it in natural and unnatural disasters. The Earth began to be filled with Xen life forms most of which were hostile and extremely dangerous.

    As radiation and Xen flooded the world, Andrei is forced to evacuate to one of the few safe cities in the world. His parents and family's fate are unknown whether or not they escaped or where killed by the Portal Storms. For a year, he lived in a smallish city is Russia that was safe from the Storms under control of the military. In 2004, The Combine trans-dimensional empire saw that Nihilanths Xen had moved to Earth and believed it was a prime opportunity to conquer two races in one fell swoop. They invaded the already weakened Earth and conquered it with in seven hours after Dr. Wallace Breen was appointed as the administrator he surrendered the Earth. The speed of their conquering and power made it dubbed by humans the Seven Hours War.

    The majority of the cities were transferred and reshaped in to industrial powerhouses as a suppression field was erected to stop the reproduction of the human population and converted them in to another slave species under the guise of heavy propaganda. Andrei was horrified at what the Combine were doing to this world and became inherently reclusive and bitter until he met his soon to be best friend four years later, Alex Drew who was only a year older than Andrei and they got to know each other and shared a hatred for the Combine and anyone who allied themselves with the oppressors. Eventually after a year or so of plotting they took action by escaping in to the 'underworld' of City 18 and managed to escape since C18 had minimal Combine presence they barely managed to escape however.

    At first their plan fell to pieces to begin insurrection and spent months impoverished and hungry with everyone else vying for control of the slums and more concentrated on survival than taking out the actual threat to them as a whole. In late 2010, a man dubbed 'Ashtray' rose to power in the slums beginning a resistance cell their after coming in to contact with others across the city he gained confidence and recruited Andrei and Alex after they proved their worth and loyalty to the cause. Andrei was dubbed 'Whisper' while Alex, 'Dodge' as for a few years they worked to stop the Combine wherever they could and slowly began to help citizens and work to stop the Combine doing whatever they could to help cripple them. Their efforts to the Combine were nothing more than an annoying fly that could not seem to be crushed. In October of 2014, Alex lost his life fighting a small squad of Civil Protection due to his impulsive and reckless behavior. Andrei had retreated to his outpost only to find the majority of the members dead or gone.

    Andrei to this day believes that his old cell was betrayed by someone they knew and he vowed to find and kill them for his friends death. For the next year and a half he wandered the slums alone and tired surviving by working with other refugees from time to time. He needed closure and he needed to stop the Combine even if he had to die for it. His struggles after his cells death to make friends in low places mainly derived from his Social Anxiety Disorder which not only made him nervous to talk to people but also paranoid of their intentions.
    Character Name:
    Andrei 'Whisper' Philipe
    Physical Description::
    6'0|White Scar on Cheek|Blue Eyes|31 Years Old|Short Dirty Blonde Hair|Torn and Withered Resistance Uniform|Small Backpack|MP7 Strapped on Back|Black Sneakers|
    Excellent Melee Proficenty|Physically Strong|Sharp Eyesight|
    Social Anxiety Disorder|Mild Paranoia|Low Endurance|Cynical
    Will you remain loyal to the Resistance?:
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    Bump, interested in hearing some feedback? Any improvements that could be made or whether or not it is sloppy?
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    Gotta' love dem sneakers. I liked the backstory, it wus k. RP Example could have been longer, but I guess it's alright (One or two more lines c:). The F/D - S/T are, although one over the other, equaled in what they are. +potato
  4. Like Lunatic said. +SUPPORT
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    I see nothing wrong with it.
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    denied no sneakers for you

    okay accepted
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