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  1. L30N

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    ok boys its been weighing heavy on me and i think its time we pulled the plug on ole pac.

    i have two points and a small selection of images that cover the entirety of pac use on the server.

    1. u can use pac with props that arent even on the server for extra error
    2. outside of rigging skeletons there is no such thing as tasteful pac use

    for your consideration, i will now supply a short visual piece which compiles every use of PAC on the server:

    here we have a union.whateverwecall05now
    Wh- What.jpg
    note the complete departure from typical MPF uniform. The bold stylistic choice of using boxy, stretched fabric textures. The use of the fingerprint scanner in what must be an ode to darth vader, and a bold commentary on the ever growing use of biometrics in day to day life. chilling.

    in the interest of fairness and maintenance of a sandwich format, here we have one of the more tasteful uses of PAC.


    very chic; though note the pointed nature of the face; the effortless bouncy curls; the thick glasses. the anime waifu. perhaps most shocking in this picture is the hint of our final feature...

    this... seriously... he used pac to make himself a trap. if i wanted to see a trap id dig out my old shovel and book another trip to norway with mike.

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  2. L30N

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    ive been informed that i in fact missed a spot


    finally a tasteful, subtle use of PAC. while flying under the radar of all but the most eagle-eyed viewer, modern technology allows for a certain degree of clarity to be applied:

    stylish, quaint, timeless. the clown's fake flower. a contemporary classic reinvigorated with a techno-reinvention. how ridiculous the observer feels, lulled into a false sense of security, leans in for a whihff of the button, sprayed with water. disgraceful.
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  3. TrulyDeath

    TrulyDeath Server Admin & Resident Occultist Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    PAC is fine, we just have to start enforcing some rules around it
  4. L30N

    L30N Donator

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  5. ShadyNasty

    ShadyNasty Developer/Server Admin Staff Member Admin/Moderator


    Also didn't we have PAC once upon a time ago and we opted to get rid of it like immediately as a whole. Why is it back on the server?

    I'm pretty sure it was just in the cluster fuck of things George added without consulting anyone so I've half a mind to just remove it anyways.
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  6. L30N

    L30N Donator

    We never agreed to reinstall PAC.
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  7. castor

    castor Guest

    i know the erping genderbenders use pac for their beautiful 3d pixelated model fantasies so i'm definitely against it. i'd use it for my vortigaunt to give him a purple cap but i'm too stupid for it and i don't even think we have a prop. i think it should be given to those who add few things and use it for things that don't have erp as end
  8. VulpesCallida

    VulpesCallida Retired Retired Kojima and Server Duct Tape

    Do not forget about the holstered desert eagle

    We either remove it or we regulate it heavily
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  9. Paladin Reese

    Paladin Reese Supreme Overlord Staff Member Owner

    Pack wasnt "reinstalled", because it was there when we restarted it. Atleast I didn't reinstall it.

    Also, you need a flag to use it.
  10. ShadyNasty

    ShadyNasty Developer/Server Admin Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    which we end up giving to everyone because right now there's no clear rules on it

    I agree with Vulpes, remove it or regulate it very very heavily. Either make people apply for it or only give it to trusted people who you know won't abuse it
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  11. TrulyDeath

    TrulyDeath Server Admin & Resident Occultist Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    I dont think we have to make pac so super exclusive, but it definitely needs rules for what is and what isn't allowed. Heres a rough draft i made:
    - pac is to be used only for items you would have IC or for headhacking
    - you are not allowed o use models that are not in the server content
    - unserious or ridiculous pacs are not allowed
    - using pac to break uniform code (for example darth vader pac) is not allowed
  12. Jaiden

    Jaiden The real wheelman

    Yes I think this is good, keep PAC on the server but simple, tasteful PACs should be allowed
  13. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Dedicated Anger Man

    I'd agree to that. Basically just regulate PAC further.
  14. Turlington

    Turlington Thot Patrol Admin/Moderator

    Can be a good creative output for character development but it has a weird range so people who use base models that work with specific pacs (moss man/alyx are most common) you can see the model from like half way across the plaza which is a bit silly, but I like the concept of using it for small things I.e glasses, a cigarette, cp tool belts and adjustable resis/civvy gear, a clear rules thread and application process should be made for it but as a cool rp point I think it should stay
  15. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Dedicated Anger Man

    That's actually a client side setting you can change in your own settings.
  16. Amute

    Amute Lord-Commissar Staff Member Owner

    Perhaps we should have an admin approve a pac design when the person is done.

    Personally I hate PAC, I have no idea why it's on my server and I don't want it there but if people like it, we can keep it, it just can't be abused.
  17. Turlington

    Turlington Thot Patrol Admin/Moderator

    Applications for pac where you have to post pics of the pac you want sounds like an okay idea also how do u change that client side thing? xoxo
  18. Paladin Reese

    Paladin Reese Supreme Overlord Staff Member Owner

    Like I said, it was on it when we started the server back up, no idea how. I just added Pac flags because that's what people wanted.
  19. TrulyDeath

    TrulyDeath Server Admin & Resident Occultist Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    applications are abit too much in my opinion. i liked amutes idea with approving pacs - also hold Q > go to utilities in top right > PAC3 > clientside settings > draw distance or something