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Sep 5, 2020
So, you've decided to apply to a branch of the Combine: the Metropolice Force. After submitting your application and going through the necessary background and personality trait checks you were finally accepted. Well Congratulations, your life just got a lot harder. You thought you had it rough as a citizen? Well, it's about to get even worse.

Who Are You?
You are a citizen in a uniform. You are now hated by every single person who is against the Combine and not cared for by most of the Metropolice Force. You are a nothing. All right, you might argue that you have a place to sleep and the rations might be better, but that's all. You were tossed into a uniform that has low calibre gear. The Universal Union does not want to waste their high-tec gear on some random Citizen who might just be loyal to him or herself, and in the force just to get food, water, and a place to stay. You must prove your worth.

Rules To Follow:
  • Under no circumstance may a Recruit ask for (or be given) permission to 10-50 unless authorized by the Commander or above and accompanied by a UNION 04+
  • A Tier 1 Recruit will never, under any circumstance, use his or her stunstick. Training exercises involving the stunstick are an exception. Upon reaching Tier 2, you may use your Stunstick out of self-defence.
  • Contact with any type of firearm or weapon is strictly prohibited for a Recruit.
  • A Recruit must show his or her respect to any and all Metropolice Force units. This is including, but not limited to: saluting, cleaning a uniform, stepping out of the way for a passing by unit, anything requested by a Civil Protection Officer. Any ranking unit may authorize the Recruit to not do the actions listed above.
  • Recruits are prohibited from ordering Biotics, unless written orders were given to them by a Union.05 and above. This overrides this rule as it is an order from an enlisted Metropolice Force unit.
  • Recruits are strictly prohibited from entering any Division specific area in the Precinct. This includes: ZONE (Techlab), SHIELD (Medbay), JUDGE (Detainment Office), Commander's Office, Sub-Nexus Tower. A Recruit is authorized to enter one of these areas if asked to do so by a Division specific unit or is given clearance.
  • Recruits are strictly prohibited from entering any unauthorized parts of the Sub-Nexus Tower or outside the precinct.
    • Exception is for precinct entrance guard duty (Station House Security)
    • Exceptions are allowed only by orders of Commander plus.
  • Recruits are strictly prohibited from asking about training.
  • Failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in amputation.

Recruit Training Protocol
There are two levels to every Recruit's training program, tier one trainings are conducted in schedule with either the Sectorial Commander or a District Commander. Tier two trainings are conducted usually in sequence with the Sectorial Commander and a District Commander. In order for a tier one Recruit to join tier two training, he or she must be given a CCA armband by the Sectorial Commander or District Commander.
ï A Sectorial Commander or District Commander reserves the right to deny the Recruit tier two training and strip the Recruit of his or her armband.
ï The Sectorial Commander is the only authorized unit able to enlist a Recruit.

Tier One Training:
  • Basic Signal Codes
  • Civil Protection Structure Explanations
  • Proper Speech Etiquette
  • Recruit Rules/Procedures
  • Uniform Maintenance
  • Basic Physical Activities
  • Activities up to the trainer(s)' discretion.

Tier Two Training:
  • Basic/Advanced Codes
  • Stunstick Mechanics
  • Detaining/Beating Procedures
  • Proper Ziptie Etiquette
  • PDA Procedure
  • Tier Two Uniform Maintenance
  • Advanced Physical Activities
  • Activities up to the trainer(s)' discretion

Additional Information
As noted in the introduction above, Recruits are hated by their former peers and are generally not welcomed by the Metropolice Force. Additionally, new Recruits see more than what a normal Citizen would, which include amputations, stabbings, tortures, harsher beatings, etc.
  • A Recruit is in a completely new environment and has not adapted. Players must show FearRP while roleplaying as their Recruit.
  • Recruits are malnourished, because of this their physical and mental status are lower. Do not behave like a Super Recruit, where you know the answer to every question asked, have the ability to do thirty push-ups without struggling, and fearing augmented officer units (Officer, Elite Protection Unit, Divisional Leader, Commander, Sectorial Commander, Elite Overwatch, Overwatch Soldiers)
  • Recruits do not have to fear Union.05-03, as they are barely scratching the surface of the Universal Union and can still relate to the Recruits. Recruits, however, have to fear them if given a reason to (common sense).

  • Any FailRP within the MPF will result in the removal of your whitelist. You must wait at least three days to reapply with a new character and a new application. Repeat offences will result in blacklist.
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