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    What position are you applying for?:
    City Administrator Personal Assistant
    Roleplay Experience:
    Lots of HL2RP, i played a substantial amount of time on fallout seriousRP before deciding i wanted to move back to HL2 again.
    Roleplay Example:
    Scenario: A rebel group is breaking into the nexus, they are rumoured to carry malicious intent towards the CA.

    /event A Piercing alarm fills the nexus

    A DvL runs into her office and speaks loudly,

    DvL says "Ma'am, the nexus is under attack."

    Zoey Redfield nods to him and calmly opens a drawer next to her desk.
    Zoey Redfield's hand re-emerges from the drawer, now holding a small, metallic pistol.
    DvL says Ma'am, you must proceed to the office of the CA immediately.
    Zoey Redfield says "Of course sir," and gets up from her office chair, tucking it under the desk.
    The DvL gives a brisk nod and a salute before walking out of the office.
    Zoey Redfield reaches under her desk and presses a small button under the edge, a hidden door slides to the side and opens up.
    The CA says "Zoey, can you tell me the purpose of this alarm?"
    Zoey Redfield gives a small bow of deference before replying "Apologies to interupt your work ma'am, but some rebels have entered the nexus."
    The CA remains calm as she says "Ah, i see," before reaching under her desk and pressing a button to seal her door again.
    The CA says "There, we should be safe enough now, i trust the CP to deal with this situation aptly."
    /it There are the sounds of voices outside the door, they are not vo-coded.
    Zoey Redfield says "Ma'am, can you please take cover somewhere safe?" and stands to the side of the desk, pointing her pistol at the door.
    The CA nods and shelters under the desk nervously.
    /it The noise outside the door intensifies as there is a high pitched beeping sound added to the chaotic mix of sound.
    /it The beeping noise continues for a few seconds before a longer beep.
    /it The door explodes inwards, landing on the floor, inhibiting the entrance to the office.
    Zoey Redfield fires a few shots at the outline of a vague figure in the smoke.
    Zoey Redfield rolls 62
    Resistance member rolls 43
    Zoey Redfield successfully hits the man with the pistol.
    Resistance member collapses to the floor, groaning in pain as the bullet worms it's way into the flesh of his shoulder.
    Zoey Redfield crouches down behind the desk and fires a few shots into another outline.
    Zoey Redfield rolls 42
    Resistance member 87
    Zoey Redfield does not hit anything as the men storm into the office.
    Zoey Redfield fires another few shots at point-blank range into once of the members.
    Zoey Redfield rolls 87
    Resistance member rolls 18
    Zoey Redfield fires several shots into the head of the man, causing him to slump to the floor, dead.
    Resistance member turns to the side and fires a few shots from his SMG at Zoey.
    Zoey Redfield rolls 46
    Resistance member rolls 87
    Zoey Redfield is hit in the right shoulder, she falls back, her gun dropping to the floor.
    Resistance member walks over to her, holding the barrel of the SMG in her face menacingly.
    /it The windows of the office break as several OTA soldiers rappel in, assault rifles in hand.
    /it The OTA soldiers fire several bursts from theer assault rifles at the resistance members, the bullets entering their chest cavities before they can react, fragments flying into their major organs.
    An OTA soldier walks over to Zoey, breifly glancing at the wound in her shoulder before saying "Medic!" and walking over to check on the CA.
    The CA gets up, unharmed and moves to shake Allison's hand, saying "Thank you, Zoey, your efforts were commendable."
    Zoey Redfield begins to fall into unconciousness as she sees a man with a medic armband walking towards her.
    Zoey was born in 1986, barely being old enough to escape the killing when the seven hour war happened. Before the war, she was a secretary for her father's company, which specialised in prototype, high end, military equipment. She became a proficient typist and secretary. After the seven hour war happened, she was back to being a regular citizen, with no income with which to support her previously affluent lifestyle. She saw that the lifestyle of loyalists was far better than her own, and had no moral qualms about becoming one. She began to inform on people, and was considered a worthy loyalist, showered with rewards that average citizens could only dream of.

    One day, she gained information on a rebel plot to plant a bomb in the CA's office. She pretended to go along with this plan, cheering with all the others about the supposed "Justice" that this action would bring. There was a woman standing next to her, that Zoey had seen with the CA on many occasions. This puzzled Zoey, and she stored it in her mind for later. When the rally was over, and the citizens had dispersed, she activated her request device and approached the CP officer that was sent to her request. She told him everything, not a sliver of remorse crossing her mind at betraying her fellow citizens, that she had heard, the location of the rebel base, the plans, everything.

    The CP's raided the resistance base that she had told them about, this resulted in the seizure of unauthorised firearms, bombs and revolutionary literature. This action was considered the reason the CA's life was saved, and Zoey was invited into her office for a private audience, as a reward for her actions. Zoey was frantic before this meeting, telling no one of her reward, not even other loyalists. She was thrilled to have this oppertunity, as she believed that it could become her gateway to afluence and importance once again.

    The CA asked her about her life before the war, when Zoey explained about her life, telling the CA that she was a secretary, the CA began to (Unknown to Allison) subtely asking her questions reminiscent of a job interview. When Zoey's time was up with the CA, she was told by the CA "You may have the chance to work with me, but you may not tell anyone."

    Zoey was thrilled by this news, and when she was called back, asked the CA about her previous secretary. The CA explained, with disgust in her voice, that her secretary was the one who was planned to plant the bomb, and was being promised high ranking resistance membership if she did.

    This explaination satisfied Zoey, and she gave a small bow to the CA before sitting down at her desk, sealing the CA's office, and beginning her work.
    Character Name:
    Zoey Redfield
    Physical Description::
    |Average height|Icey blue eyes|Long blonde hair|Suit (Not sure of the CA's assistants clothing||Californian accent|Simple brown shoes|
    Dextrous (Fast typist), educated (Able to read/write), Intelligent
    Fear of underperforming, Scared of rats and other small creatures
    Will you remain loyal to the UU?:
  2. Really liking the RP example and backstory. If both of our apps get accepted, there's a fair chance you'll be working under me, so this app gets a +support from me.
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    +support, everything is good.
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    Looks fine to me.

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    Ask an SA to whitelist you ingame.
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