Penal Law of the Combine Overwatch

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    Advisorial Assistance Act of 2015 - 03 CCAC § 837C
    The assistance or protection, via physical or thought-crime means, to that of State issued Anti-citizens (647E), constitutes non-compliance against the rule of law of the Overwatch.

    Unlawful Sedition Act of 2005 - 01 CCAC § 110X
    The creation, spreading and/or thought-crime of seditious materials and speech in which paints the Universal Union, Combine Overwatch or its benefactors in a negative light is an active non-compliance against the rule of law of the Overwatch. Sedition constitutes a direct threat to the security of the state.

    Anti-Citizen Ordinance of City 01 (2005) - 01 CCAC § 647E
    Any individual who demonstrates a direct disregard for the state and its laws can be removed of Citizenship of the Human Overwatch citizenry manifest. Non-Citizens are enemies of the state.

    Civil Workers Union Resolution of 2005 - O.R. 218 : Public Law 05-218
    For the well-being of the Workforce of the Overwatch Citizenry, a well regulated Economy is vital to the advancement of a species. The Civil Workers Union [CWU] will be established to maintain economic and material structure for the workforce of the Overwatch. Regulated Production for Combine Overwatch sanctioned products will be avaible for purchase.

    Treasury Resolution of 2006 - O.R. 450 : Public Law 06-450
    The official currency of the Overwatch stationed on earth is the UUCS-417 Combine Overwatch Token [COT] with the valued levied sum of 80% of production rate. All mint production facilities are regulated by the Overwatch Treasury Ministries.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.