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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Marsh, Sep 18, 2018.

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  1. Marsh

    Marsh Guest

    Member Name:
    Steam Name:
    Steam ID:
    Website wont let me use it.
    What position are you applying for?:
    City Administrator Personal Assistant
    Roleplay Experience:
    I have had experience from prior servers. Most of my experience has come from this server though. The community and staff team has helped me gain a better understanding of the HL2 universe and roleplay.
    Roleplay Example:
    /me flicks through her filing cabinet, pulling our B
    /me takes out a file labelled "BIOTIC"
    /it It contains a photo and information of every BIOTIC in the City.
    "2310 - gotcha"
    Kayte Judge: /me coughs
    "You know him don't you?"
    Kayte Judge: "No..."
    "You don't? Why do you own the Cafe he was running before he ran off then?"
    Kayte Judge: /me stays silent
    /me waves over the Officer
    "Get her to tell you about the Biotic. Do what you must"
    Kayte Judge: /me attempts to run
    Kayte Judge: /roll
    Rolled a 4
    Kayte Judge:/me trips up on the leg of the chair
    JUDGE: /me grabs the womans arms and attempts to zip tie them
    Kayte Judge: /me attempts to get her arms free
    Kayte Judge rolled a 43
    JUDGE rolled a 89
    JUDGE: /me zip ties the womans arms tightly
    Kayte Judge:/me grunts, trying to ignore the pain
    "Have fun Darling."
    /me smiles
    Backstory (Optional):
    I will develop this as i play.
    Character Name:
    Elizabeth Holmes
    Physical Description::
    I will make this when i choose a playermodel.
    Charismatic, Quick on her feet, Vast understanding of Technology.
    Not being able to please her superiors, being demoted,
  2. castor

    castor Guest

    better, but why did you delete the past thread? the one i commented what was wrong with it on
  3. L30N

    L30N Donator


    You've already shown on the server that you are a capable RP'er with some interesting ideas. Ask a member of staff for your whitelist next time you're on the server.

    And don't get too down over your other app
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