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    [84e]\-=AOU=- Lightning
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    What Division do you wish to join?:
    Roleplay Experience:
    I've been roleplaying for about 3 years now and have touched on anything besides CWU medical
    Roleplay Example:
    **Alexander 'Joker' Davis would step onto the boulevard from the slums and would look around. He'd have a radio tucked in his pants, along with a pistol.

    **C45.MPF.UNION.04.60111 would walk around the corner into the boulevard, stunbaton in hand.

    **Alexander 'Joker' Davis would quickly dive back into the slums, attempting to avoid the unit altogether.

    Alexander 'Joker' Davis would roll 63

    C45.MPF.UNION-04.60111 would roll 68

    **C45.MPF.UNION-04.60111 would catch a glimpse of something darting into the slums alleyway, not quite yet into the slums. He'd grunt, gripping his baton a bit tighter as he'd slowly walk towards the entrance.

    **Alexander 'Joker' Davis would quickly flip out an already tied bandanna from his pocket, slipping it over his head and tightening it.

    **C45.MPF.UNION-04.60111 would pass around the corner.

    **Alexander 'Joker' Davis would attempt to spin around the corner, throwing an open palm towards the units face to avoid any broken fingers.

    Alexander 'Joker' Davis has rolled 82

    C45.MPF.UNION-04.60111 has rolled 2

    **C45.MPF.UNION-04.60111 would stumble back, in turn dropping his stunbaton, "Agh!"

    **Alexander 'Joker' Davis would attempt to pull his pistol, aiming it straight at the units chest.

    **C45.MPF-UNION-04.60111 would regain his footing, and see the pistol, slowly raising his hands.

    **Alexander 'Joker' Davis would slowly pull out his radio, speaking into it.

    Alexander 'Joker' Davis radios in, "I got a unit over here."

    William Shaw radios in, "You fucking serious?" he'd say with a frustrated voice.

    Alexander 'Joker' Davis radios in, "Yes. Watcha want me to do with him?"

    **C45.MPF-SWORD.03-25001 would step around the corner, noticing the two.

    **Alexander 'Joker' Davis would see this and would say, "Oh shit!" quickly attempting to lower his gun and fire off a shot into the units leg.

    Alexander 'Joker' Davis has rolled 54

    C45.MPF-UNION.04.60111 has rolled 50

    **C45.MPF-UNION.04.6011 would feel the bullet thud into his lower calf, not feeling it rip through to the other side. He'd cry out, falling forward and tightly gripping his leg.

    **C45.MPF-SWORD.03.25001 yells, "Shit!" as he'd attempt to raise his gun and fire off 3 shots.

    C45.MPF-SWORD.03.25001 has rolled 73

    Alexander 'Joker' Davis has rolled a 10.

    **Alexander 'Joker' Davis would feel a bullet thud into his pistol arm. He'd cry out as he'd drop his pistol, before turning around and attempting to dart off.

    **C45.MPF-SWORD.03.25001 would sprint over, stopping at the unit and attempting to fire off shots destined for the running man.

    Alexander 'Joker' Davis has rolled 92

    C45.MPF-SWORD.03.25001 has rolled 47

    **Alexander 'Joker' Davis would manage to avoid all of them thanks to the units wide shooting. He'd dart around the corner, going out of sight.
    Alexander 'Joker' Davis was born on September 9, 1985, in the state of New York. Alex himself had a pretty standard life, nothing he can't recall that others can say, "Happened to me," or, "Tell me something I don't already know man." So all in all, Alex's life was pretty standard until he was ten. Alex's father had recently been going through a midlife crisis, so he started doing crazy things. One day, when Alex's father brought home venison to be cooked, and 2 months after that. a deer head to be mounted on the wall, Alex began to imagine the hunters life, and began begging his dad to take him out hunting until he was 12 and his dad finally said yes.

    "Adjust your pitch..." came a voice next to Alex's.

    Alex would nod, beginning to reach over and gently adjust the scope with the small nozzle, his rifles' sights set on an 8 point buck. He'd know this, having counted the points on its' antlers. He'd feel the September air whipping at his face and clothing, even though insulated.

    "You feel that? A-" Alex's dad began.

    "Account for the wind." Alex would finish, doing just that. He didn't see it, but he knows his father is grinning when he pulls the trigger, the bullet of his rifle slamming into the deers chest. The deer would be startled, letting out a grunt before attempting to run away, getting about five feet before collapsing, blood beginning to seep from its mouth.

    "Happy seventeenth birthday son. Good lung shot."

    Alex has been hunting for 5 years now, and seems to be improving quickly. His dad has kept this up, finding this an incredible bonding exercise for him and Alex. He'd stand up from the brush, followed by a pound on the back from his dad.

    "Good hunting." his dad would say.

    Alex would sigh, looking in the mirror of his room. He'd be dressed in a suit. The simple white shirt with a black tie and a black suit jacket, the black slacks, and the dress shoes. He'd stare back at himself in the mirror for a while, before he'd hear his mother call him down. Alex would reach over, grabbing his wallet and tucking it in his jacket pocket. He'd walk down to the living room, "Mom, I feel like a pompous bastard."

    His mom would just smirk, walking over and adjusting his tie, "Not everyone at nineteen gets a job. We wanna make sure you out-do the rest."

    Alex would open his mouth to speak, but would then be interrupted by a honk outside. He'd chuckle, shaking his head as him and his mom would walk out to the car, getting in.

    2 hours later...

    Alex would exit the small office building, climbing into the backseat of his parents car.

    "How was it?" His mom would begin. He's already heard this 5 times today.

    "It was bad. The guy that was interviewing me looked like he owned the center for the morbidly obese."

    His mom would laugh, and he would smile, before his dad would shut them up, turning up the radio in the car.


    The car would go quiet as he'd meet each of his parents eyes. His dad would put the car into drive and quickly skid out of the parking lot, driving a little more sporadically than usual. Alex's father would pull up to a red light, in a huge traffic jam of people who beat him. There'd be screaming, honking, and mass hysteria as people would try to bypass their way, pedestrians leaning in to people's cars to listen to the broadcast, their faces turning to the pure dictionary definition of the word fear. Alex would be frozen in time as he'd study everyone. Everyone's panic, everyone's hysteria. And when the light would turn green, a loud hum would pass over the streets, followed by another, then two more, then four. Alex would begin to speak before he'd be cut off by a defeaning groan, followed by projectiles of an unknown type being fired upon the cars and buildings. He'd watch in horror as cars would begin exploding, pedestrians ripped to peices by the fire, buildings caving in, some old ones falling right where they stand. He'd barely feel the cold air as his door would be opened and the firm grip of his dad's hand pulling him out of the car. All three of them beginning to run into an alley, Alex's dad leading the way.

    It'd be about ten minutes of straight running through the busy streets of New York City before they'd spot two men in military uniforms rushing out of the building and spotting them. The two would rush over to them, before Alex's dad would call out, "Friendly friendly! Where's the rest of you!?" One of them would shake their head, responding that they were from the US Defense Department building down the street. The other would nod, talking about the makeshift shelter they've sent in the crumbled building. The two soldiers would lead them inside and down a set of stairs to a big basement filled with people. Citizens, officers workers, janitors, police officers, everyone helping anyone. Multiple people would be lying on blankets on the cold ground, with only one woman who looks certified to treat them all. One of the soldiers would sigh,

    "This is a bleak situation..."

    4 hours later...

    The explosions and booms above them have become second nature to Alex and his family. Alex this entire time would've been helping the women with the wounded. Alex's mom took a dirty shard of glass in her palm earlier, so she'd be lying with the wounded. Alex's dad would have managed to secure a pistol from the least responsible soldier out of the two, stating he had experience with firearms. One person who wouldn't be helping would come own the stairs from up above.

    "I need someone to go with me. We need food, water, anything. Medical supplies. We're trapped."

    Alex, after a while of convincing, eventually did end up going with the man as they'd pass through destroyed building after destroyed building. The supplies they'd manage to find would be ruined. As they'd be making their way on the second floor of an unstable building, Alex would be leading the way.

    "We can't go back with anything..."

    "We don't have a choice Alex..." the man would say.

    Alex would sigh, shaking his head and turning and walking forward. All the rest that he remembers is a loud shake, the ground disappearing beneath him, and the pain in his legs, effectively, and very anti-climactically, ending his short resistance... or did it?

    Alex now sits in a small hideout of the resistance in city 45. Once he had earned the knowledge that Earth had surrendered, he was enraged that the world gave up so meekly. Here he was with a small group of bleeding, starving, desperate people, and they survived for half the time of the war! Alex remembers the co-operation of the people. He remembers the crying in that basement being brought up by the strong and the fearless. He wants to make a difference, no longer will he sit around doing nothing while the Combine continue to commit mass genocide, effectively, and quickly killing off the human race. No more.
    Character Name:
    Alexander 'Joker' Davis
    Physical Description::
    With Alex's hunting experience under his belt, he is skilled in the use of firearms. Alex also graduated with good grades and demonstrated adequate intelligence.
    Unfortunately, Alex has never been in a fist fight in his life. Therefore Alex is very unskilled in hand to hand. He also tends to use action instead of thinking things through, despite his intelligence.
    Will you remain loyal to the Resistance?:
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    Jesus, change that signature. Far too big and obnoxious.

    Roleplay example is good, albeit with the really tedious over-use of 'would', try and mix and match with 'attempts' and over varations of that.
    Background is good too, shows the origin of Alex's skills regarding firearms and hunting methods.
    Good balance of skills/disabilities.

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    good app good friend, i know he's capable and deserves the whitelist

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    Thanks, i'll keep that in mind next time. :)
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    Get rid of that signature for the love of god.
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    it's good i think you'll do fine ;)

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