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    // Yo, key here.. I'm bringing over an Idea from Face Punch Thread I've been part of, want to see if people would commit to it here.//

    Earth. Year: Unknown. The land is dying. The seas are drying up. Native fauna has all but vanished. Humanity is under the iron fisted rule of an intergalactic empire known as the Universal Union, or as they're more commonly known amongst humanity, the Combine. Earth's forces were defeated in 7 hours by the invaders, and the planet was immediately subjugated. Populations were moved into giant urban detainment centers, built into the husks of once great metropolises. Our story takes place in City 17, the largest urban center and seat of the Combine's power on Earth, one year prior to the arrival of the man who would deliver humanity from the darkness. The populace lives in fear of the Combine, as any disobedience or defiance is quickly and brutally quelled. The people are fed just enough to keep them alive; malnutrition is rife throughout the cities. Some of humanity has chosen to sell their souls to this new devil, and have thrown in with the Combine, whether out of personal motivation or genuine sympathy with their goals. Others have chosen to stand their ground and resist the Combine, holding onto the hope that someday events may swing in their favor. Though their cause is noble, it seems fruitless. The resistance finds themselves hounded by a military force far superior to theirs, with untold decades, perhaps even centuries, of warfare experience. Those who choose to fight must remain in the shadows, striking only when the time is opportune, lest they be crushed swiftly. The Combine enjoys absolute military dominance of the planet, with no real credible threats to their power having arisen yet. Then, in the middle of this all, is you. Will you choose to give yourself to the new world order, or will you choose to rise up and remain defiant in the face of overwhelming odds? The choice is yours. This is....

    Welcome to the Rebels VS Combine RP thread!

    This is a Port from Facepunch LamdbaWarsRP!

    Do you want to create amazing HL2 scenes to show to the world? Do you want to control your very own Combine unit? Are you looking to further progress your Gmod/SFM skills? Join this thread!

    This thread is heavily influenced by FacePunch Rps such as Espionage Wars and Lambda Wars.

    Please read this Post thoroughly if you want to join.

    Current Factions:
    Factions Controlled by players.


    Regional Admins:

    Game Master: Key

    General Rules:

    1. Maintain the Theme - Because this is a Half Life 2 RP thread, if you join the combine, try to keep the feeling that its combine/ resistance.

    2. faction per player -This rule may change. You are allowed one Primary Faction and one secondary faction.

    3. No Mary Sues- Your faction can have Elites or veterens in their ranks, but do not make them overpowered death machines.

    4. Be nice to each other.

    5. Don't bitch and whine - If your faction took a massive blow, deal with it. Lick your wounds and build it back up again.

    6. You cannot completely annihilate a faction without consent.

    7. No WMDs unless permmited.

    8. Beta/Custom content allowed within reason.

    9. If you have a question, Always PM me before posting.

    10. Take your time- Your faction won't be blown to bits overnight, this is a casual thread.

    Combine Rules:

    1. No synth only Factions- Try to keep it nice, no faction comprised of only Striders or gunships.

    1a. You may keep synths in your faction, not too many*

    2. If you are Civil Protection, you only get APCs and Dropships as your vehicles*

    Resistance Rules:

    1. Do not immediately start Overpowered- Everything in your faction is mostly earned, I will have random events where you can acquire a ship or a large cache of vehicles. But do not Immediately start with a immense amount of stuff like 500 tanks or a battleship.

    2. Your stuff will almost always start off shitty- You guys have to nicking all your stuff from the combine. You can start off with one or two tanks, but nothing above that.

    3. Don't have main timeline characters- No one gets any of the main characters from half life. You cannot have Gordon Freeman or Dr. Breen as your faction leader. (it would be strange to see 20 Factions led by Gordon Freeman.)

    4. Faction Settlements have a starting population of 100 members.
    Playable Units/Factions

    -Resistance Fighters: Do battle against the Combine and undermine them however they can. Though they may be referred to as rebels, this is actually just a blanket term for any armed insurgents taking on the Combine. The resistance fighters are part of a well-organized group, with uniforms and a chain of command structured like any Earth military would have been.

    -Vortigaunts: An alien race that came to Earth during the Black Mesa Incident, they have thrown in with humanity with the common goal of liberating Earth from Combine subjugation.


    -Overwatch: Soulless killing machines made to hunt humans and nothing else. They are controlled by the iron grip of the Combine, however they do still possess a measure of independent thought. They are capable of highly coordinated tacitcal maneuvering, and their self-preservation instincts are still intact. If an Overwatch soldier senses that an objective is suicidal, they are capable of retreating or tackling their orders a different way. Due to their suppression of free will, Overwatch units cannot go rogue.

    -Conscripts: Ex-military or citizens drawn from the local populace. Conscripts are forced to fight for the Combine against their will, and as such many harbor a great disdain for their oppressors. To counter any instances of insubordination or desertion, the Combine will often insert their own agents into units of Conscripts. These officers are usually Civil Protection members who received the posting as punishment for failing in their duties, so many of them are prone to taking out their aggression on the conscripts.

    -Civil Protection: A volunteer police force used by the Combine to ensure their dominance over the populace is total. They are incentivised to brutalize their fellow man with increased privilages and a higher standard of living. Not all CPs are soulless monsters though, as many people simply joined up because they thought they could do good for the common people but became jaded after witnessing the horrifying things man is capable of doing to itself.


    Independent groups or characters will be those who don't belong to either the resistance or the Combine, and are just trying to get by on their own. However, if you choose to play as an independent, you may go over to either side at any time, but once you're there you must stay there.

    -Citizens: Citizens are simply the people who want to get on with their daily lives. Some of them are resistance sympathizers, other are Combine loyalists, and others just want to be left alone. Citizen players may go over to the Combine or resistance at any time they please, reflected by them joining Civil Protection, being conscripted, or simply finding some resistance members and joining their cause.

    -Rebels: Armed insurgents who don't belong to the resistance. They may have their own agenda that runs contrary to that of the resistance, or they may simply be trying to look out for themselves and get by. They can be either neutral, or even hostile to the resistance, but the Combine considers them all the same and will take them out without a second thought.

    -Deserters: It is not uncommon for a unit of conscripts to frag their commanding officer and make a break for it. Whether they decide to join the resistance or not is up to them. Many may not sympathize with the resistance either, and will simply try to make it on their own. They are essentially the same as any other rebel, only better trained and organized. The same is also applies to resistance units, who find fighting the Combine as a lost cause and just want to survive.

    Playable areas:
    Yes, this thread also has areas that are playable, however, I will have exceptions, all you have to do is ask.

    Current playable areas are:

    United States

    Eastern Europe
    Faction Template
    Please use this Template when you create your faction.

    1. Faction Name.

    2. Faction Alignment

    3. Some images of your faction members doing stuff.

    4. History of your faction.

    5. (Optional) Area of operation.
    Random Events:

    Now, just to mix things up, I will have Random events happen. For both sides, these events can be crucial as they are essentially loot drops. They will typically be something like a portal storm or a merchant finding a bunker full of Vehicles. These Events will happen every two weeks or so. For resistance factions, these are you chances to get better gear.

    Rules are subject to change. I will keep updating this post to add new factions.

    Choose a Side. Join the War. Have fun!
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    1. Wick Platoon

    2. Independent: Deserters

    4. Wick Platoon is a group of deserters from Union conscriptions. The group consists of a mix of ex-marines to army rangers who served, with couple ex-citizens spread out, all from the United States. The group departed from their post(s) after a power struggle of their Captain and Colonel, leading in the Colonel's death. Their leader is Captain Weber, old dog around forty, he served as a Sergeant Major during tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, other information is unknown. The Platoon made up of twenty-two members, 11 being assault and fire team, one communication officer, three squad engineers, two support gunners, two medics, two demolition soldiers and a single marksman. Their arsenal consists of one decommissioned armed humvee, 1983 AM GENERAL 5-ton truck, and standard equipment. Their location is a small old suburban town located around in North Dakota. The Platoon views resistance as sloppy group of people. They also share hatred for Union, just that they understanding they're place on food chain. The Platoon steers clear of other's affairs, still willing to help refugees though. They mostly conduct small operations on Union conscript patrols and supplies, surviving.

    5. Area of Operation: North Dakota/ North America

    Photo of most of the platoon post desertion. 6/06/████ (Yes I know there is 21 of them)
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    1. Faction Name: Department of Civil Protection i17

    2. Faction Alignment: Combine

    3. Some images of your faction members doing stuff.
    Inspection check before being allowed into the Factories are mandatory

    One of the many shifts in i17 D1

    Entry to i17 D1 via Train

    Left: MACE DvL of District 1 Middle: Commander of District 1 Right: Chief Inspector Thorn of the Citizen Compliance Department City 17

    4. History of your faction:

    i17 is the Industrial estate for manufacturing of city 17, managed by the CWU director Alan Lees and District Council man Dennis Thatcher, producing Rations and Materials needed for productions for Combine operations, The Department of Civil Protection district 1 i17 maintain a strong presence there and maintain a high standard of protocol to keep District one together.

    The Department of Civil Protection compromises of the following:
    Command [Only the commander in the district]
    MACE Division [A version of sword]
    JUDGE Division [Detainment and Interrogation]
    HELIX Division [Medical]
    ZONE Division [Engineers]
    UNION Division [Bulk of force]
    RECRUIT Division [Self explanatory]

    Divisions may form over time or disband according to needs, another glorious day in the Universal Union

    5. (Optional) Area of operation: i17
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    1. Faction Name: Frontier

    2. Faction Alignment: Independent: Rebels/Deserters

    3. Faction Members:

    4. Faction History
    Frontier are a semi-organised group of prepared survivalists, often deserters from other main factions, primordially the Protection Team. They are nomads, going from city to city in search for supplies to keep pushing forward, and searching for new members in the way. The name 'Frontier' comes from the fact that they are in between the two sides of the war, and refuse to side with any of them. Their 'no mans land' policy bases around teaching others to survive and preparing installations for those who need them, as well as ensuring self-preservation.
    Their inclusion criteria is high, making the finding of new members rare, however those who can call themselves a member of Frontier often excel not only in survivalism, but also in other relevant specialties that are of extreme use to the faction. Their material is either makeshift and self made, or stolen. Frontier are a generally neutral group, and do try to help others by providing a distinct array of free services (such as using their knowledge to prepare medical facilities for stationary groups or teaching others an array of different things, from specialised knowledge to survival basics); however, they can be very dangerous. While they avoid frontal combat (as they are not a military body, not enough members), they rely on tactics, trapping and assassinations amongst other trickeries to pick out those noisy enough to upset them, and their preparation levels.
    They currently consist of 22 members, 13 of which are deserters. All of their stories are unrelated.

    5. Area of operation: Europe & Asia
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  5. Siren 40


    A Siren 40 outpost defends itself from an S17 Disciplinary Unit strike.
    c. 2020, photographer unknown

    A group of Siren 40 saboteurs fires at an S17 Disciplinary Unit checkpoint after escaping from an Outlands prison facility.
    c. 2020, photographed by local Airwatch

    [​IMG] Siren 40 also has a series of smuggling routes and connections with weapons stockpiles.
    c. 2019, photographed by an anonymous Siren 40 operative

    [​IMG] A uprising sparks in an industrial sector.
    c. 2025, photographed by an anonymous industrial worker

    Siren 40 started in a decommissioned Soviet bunker a few years after the Combine's initial invasion. Having been formed from a few preexisting guerilla groups and having control over one of the largest pre-war stockpiles in Eurasia, Siren 40's history is rich with successful offensives and sabotage operations against the Combine. However, their most well-known specialization was within the field of communication. All throughout the occupational era, Siren 40's main goal was to establish a secure network of radio transmitters across the Eurasian continent in order to provide a safe, common method of communication for other resistance organizations.

    Siren 40's founders are anonymous; it is speculated that a rogue CP officer was one of the main founders or at least a key member, judging from Figure 4.
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