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  1. Kragh

    Kragh Guest

    Member Name:
    Steam Name:
    Steam ID:
    Roleplay Experience:
    I have four years of professional roleplay experience ranging from HL2RP servers all over the place, most of which are now dead unfortunately.
    What position are you applying for?:
    Overwatch Transhuman Arm
    Roleplay Example:
    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 strides over to the operating table, a conscious unit just about breathing. He briefly eyes the body, searching for the wound.

    The wound is a single bullet wound in the thigh as is evident by the blood streaming from it.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 rolls up the sleeve and pulling down the trousers to reveal the wound fully.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 proceeds to places his UU backpack onto the side of the operating table and pull out a medical kit, placing it down. He places the backpack down onto the floor next to him.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 opens up the medical kit and takes out a syringe labelled AB2 on it as he moves towards the unit's arm with the rolled up sleeve.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 places a firm hand on the unit's arm, searching for a vein in the upper section of the arm. With the syringe in another hand he injects it into the Cephalic vein.

    Time passes by about 30 seconds. and the unit on the operating table falls unconscious.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 places the empty syringe in the sink next to the operation table an proceeds to take out an alcohol vial and fine cloth from the medical kit.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 pops off the lid of the vial and soaks the cloth in the alcohol, essentially a disinfectant as he proceeds to dab the soaked cloth around the wound on the unit's thigh.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 places the alcohol vial back into the medical kit and fine cloth into the sink where the syringe is also located and then takes out a fresh scalpel from the nearby sink, recently cleaned of course.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 proceeds to cut of any loose or infected skin, he then places the scalpel into the sink and takes out a package containing tweezers still sterile.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 rips open the packaging, noticing time is of the essence and he takes the tweezers out.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 gently lowers the tweezers into the wound, trying to grab the bullet and not harm the body as he does so.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 has rolled 58 out of 100.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 continues with the execution of removing the bullet from the unit's body and successfully grabs it.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 would attempt to pull the bullet out, carefully without further damaging the body.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 has rolled 23 out of 100.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 readjusts his grip on the tweezers and has caused the bullet to fall back down into the wound, resulting in very minor blunt trauma.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 attempts to grap the bullet a final time, hoping to pull it out as well.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 has rolled 71 out of 100.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 successfully pulls the bullet gently out of the wound and places it in a metal tray next to the operating table.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 grabs the old cloth, still soaked in alcohol and uses another part of it to clean the wound again.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 walks over to a medical cabinet and opens it, grabbing some thread and a needle. He walks back, placing the thread through the hoop of the needle.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 attempts to sew the wound shut.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 has rolled 82 out of 100.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 sews up the wound, professionally. The stitching can barely be seen.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 cuts off the excess thread and places the other items elsewhere. He proceeds to his medical kit, pulling out a green bio-gel canister and a sterile dressing.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 rips open the package for the dressing and pops of the lid of the bio-gel.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 soaks the padded part of the dressing in the bio-gel and proceeds to place it ontop of the stitched wound.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 attempts to tie it around the thigh, tightly.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 has rolled 37 out of 100.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 makes a sloppy mess and ties a quite loose knot.

    The dressing begins to slip down the thigh.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 unties the dressing, unhappy with the final result.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 would attempt again to tie a professional knot.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 has rolled 68 out of 100.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 ties some what of a knot, something enough to keep it on the leg and not slide down.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 pulls up the unit's trousers and rolls down the sleeve.

    CCA-45.HELIX.02-27854 steps back, admiring the work he has just done in treating the injured unit.
    Francis Boyle was born on the 14th of May, 1994 in the United States of America, New York City to a middle class family that originated from the coastal areas of south England; however he lived in NYC for all his life. His descendants mostly have origins from south England also they move up towards south Wales and north England. Born as an only child, he received toys that most children would've wanted but couldn't receive due to being in a family of over one child, lucky for him he was the only one. From birth he would always draw if he got his hands on a piece of paper and fantasise about being a fireman or fighter pilot. When he reached the age of 3, he went to Kindergarten were he was there for one year, all he used to do was scribble about on piece of paper like at home and not play with the others there. After Kindergarten he went to a various amount of schools where he received a basic education, good grades in his subjects. In some time he took his SATs and received an exceptional score in everything which meant he was doing just above average, like few of the children in his year.

    He went on to High School were he wished to further enhance his education by studying hard in all subjects and having a tutor in all the subjects that he slightly dropped behind in. When the time came for him to do all his exams, he did them with great pride, he believed too much of himself to get high grades which fortunately didn't make him fail in anything, he did good. Receiving A+s in his results. He went on to college and took Physics, Art and Geography as his subjects. He dropped all the tutors he didn't need and got new ones in those subjects, he studied hard as usual and had the results of A+s in all three subjects. He applied for University in Harvard and Yale, hoping for the best. His history was exceptional and wished for the best. On the fateful day of the applications returning he was denied for Yale but was accepted for Harvard, it was a huge relief for him as at least he got into one of those great universities. He chose to study for Physical Geography and it was on the first year that the Seven Hours War began. His ability to get an undergraduates degree was ruined by the Universal Union.
    Character Name:
    Francis Boyle
    Physical Description::
    6'1 | American Accent | Dressed in a blue citizen suit | Muscular Chest and Stomach | Approved Glasses |
    An excellent runner, he boxed in his spare time and has fired weapons a lot in past life.
    An understandable fear of large spiders, however no disabilities.
    What is your MPF rank?:
    Will you remain loyal to the UU?:
  2. Turlington

    Turlington Thot Patrol Admin/Moderator

    -support, detailing in the morning
  3. Laklod

    Laklod Guest

    Kragh, do you even have a mpf whitelist on Exontic? I don't really remember seeing you or anything like you, so you can't really be a CCA 05 without an actual whitelist on the server.

    Sorry if I got anything wrong in my argument.
  4. Creeper Joe™

    Creeper Joe™ Donator

    1. Why the hell is your character named after Francis Boyle, and has the exact same birth time as him apart from the year?
    -Might be co-incidence
    2. We do not have HELIX at Exontic
    -Not scrutinizing just pointing it out
    3. You do not have MPF whitelist, you lied about your MPF Rank.
    -Oops, look like you have multiple forum accounts.
    4. Unbalanced character traits. (And the name of your disability is Arachnophobia)
    -No second comment
    5. Background isn't long enough.
    -It's still an important piece in my opinion
    6. RP Example is for civil protection.
    -No seccond coments

    Last edited: Dec 29, 2013
  5. Mr. Bones

    Mr. Bones MIA

    i know someone called francis boyle whos not an actor

    but yeah the birth time is stupid change it

    he never lied

    you're scrutinizing him over 'helix' bit dumb imo

    i dont really care about backstory
    when youre an ota you shouldnt really need it lmao


    are the fact its an MPF role-play example, not an OTA example

    change that ok

    deadline is 1st of january 2014 ;)
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2013
  6. Laklod

    Laklod Guest

    batman gave u a whole year to change it wowwwww
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  7. Turlington

    Turlington Thot Patrol Admin/Moderator

    This guy was the one who threatened a bunch of community members.
    This was Dimitri Rascalov.
    I personally don't think he deserves the whitelist from his attitude, his grammar is not so good in game.
  8. Erkor

    Erkor Dark Lord of Greyskull

    Dimitri Rascalov is, honestly said, and pardon my langauge here, an ass.
    I've seen him attempt to "ICly" discover the underground base of the bulls, and I have -heavy- doubts anyone gets in there in any way.
    Turlington already had said that he had problems with him before, and I myself dislike that kind of attitude.
    He's a terribly annoying person and his character Francis Boyle was the same person that tried discovering the Bulls hideout.

    In my opinion, I dislike your attitude and you shouldn't get the whitelist. The only thing wrong application-wise is the RP example.

    I'm Neutral.
  9. Toast

    Toast Guest

    In my honest opinion on this application, and I know I have high expectations of alot of people but this application was lacking quite a bit indeed.
    The /me's were basic at best and the back-story was lacking in extreme details of this characters life, aside from the obvious beginning/middle/end placed in the story, it had nothing in between which defines your character and how special he is. You don't need to be a generic depressed kid or super buff macho tank, but I think including something that makes the character unique makes roleplay so much more stronger and allows you to immerse yourself into this new world. Being an OTA is a big roll and the /me's were a big hindrance in my point of view because the OTA are an exceptionally hostile faction to anyone that disagrees with the Universal Unions goals.

    You also have appeared to have pulled these 'advantages' out of your ass with the 'firing alot of weapons in the past' part, your story doesn't mention much of anything to do with weaponry, it states that he was just some 'nerdy' or 'geeky' guy that loves to draw, if you can add merit to these abilities that also helps alot aswell.
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  10. Laklod

    Laklod Guest

    Wow notoriety.

    sorry bro

  11. Mr. Bones

    Mr. Bones MIA


    ota dont need a backstory really (well the app says they do but you lose your backstory anyway why does it matter)

    uh i dont think you should get this role as ive heard from you before

    you have a scarp tongue vasey its only a matter of time before someone cuts it out
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  12. Vasey105

    Vasey105 Extremely Active Member

    wait is this that guy. ha.

    Well, presumably my verdict would be considered biased so I guess I'll abstain.
  13. Colonel Sanders

    Colonel Sanders Lord of the Wings/Union Divisional

    Agreeing with the others, -Support
  14. Mr. Bones

    Mr. Bones MIA


    deadline not complete
  15. Laklod

    Laklod Guest

    scarp thongs on us

    the application is pretty good but the guy is super notorious
    • changing to a HEAVY
  16. Antti

    Antti Owner Staff Member Owner

    Denied, Moved & Locked

    The public opinion is too bad.
    Also, the application's not very good either.
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