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    I have spent the last three years on a variety of servers - including Exontic, back when it was set in City 18, where this character actually was a member of the CWU. I thought applying this way rather than IC might save some time, though I also filled out one of the notepads to cover all bases. I have spent a lot of time on several servers as Josh Miller, roleplaying his experience as a medical professional for the Combine authorities.
    Roleplay Example:
    *A citizen bursts into the District 47 Medical Centre, clutching his arm*
    /me rises quickly from his slouch, moving over to the newcomer with alarm. "What's the problem?"
    The citizen pulls up his sleeve with a grimace, revealing the bloodsoaked gash beneath.
    /me takes the man by the shoulder, guiding him gently but swiftly into the surgery chamber.

    Josh Miller says "What happened?"
    Citizen says "Some thug lashed out at me with a bottle!"

    /it Having set the man down on one of the facilities tables, the medic rushes to tug on a pair of latex gloves, and retrieves a box of medical supplies from a cabinet.
    Josh Miller says "Can you keep that sleeve held up? And were you hurt anywhere else?"
    Citizen says "Sure... and, and no - he just got me here. I called for a CP and the guy ran for it. Am- am I going to be alright?"

    /me takes a closer look at the wound.
    Josh Miller rolls a 59.
    Josh Miller .// With a plus 5 to medical rolls...
    Josh Miller says "The cut isn't too deep. And lucky for you, it looks like it missed the ulnar artery... Now, this may sting, but I need you to bear with me."

    /me retrieves a sterilised gauze pad from his supplies, dousing it with disinfectant before dabbing gently at the wound. Once it is clean, he disposes of the pad.
    Josh Miller says "It looks like this will need stitches."
    /me purses his lips, retrieving a surgical needle. He threads the suture, and begins the painstaking process of drawing the wound shut.
    Josh Miller rolls a 71.
    /me closes the wound with relative ease, and finishes up by dressing the laceration in bandages.
    Josh Miller says "This should keep the cut clean, leave it on for a few days."
    Citizen nods, studying his work.
    Josh Miller says "Now, I'll have to fill in a PCR."
    Citizen says "A what?"
    Josh Miller says "A Patient Care Record."

    /me removes his gloves and disposes of them, rinsing his hands thoroughly in a nearby sink, and applying a generous amount of disinfectant soap to his skin. He then brings over a form to the man.
    Josh Miller says "I'll need your CID; I can take care of the rest, and you'll be free to go. I will need to contact the CCA though, just to give a testimony of the assault..."
    Citizen says "My number's 90682."

    Citizen displays his card to the man.
    /me nods, writing down the citizen's details on his paper.

    Josh Miller says "Okay, you can go."
    /me gives a weak smile to the patient, stepping back.
    Citizen leaves the building with a courteous nod.
    /me stands listlessly in the surgery room for a moment, before giving a weary sigh, and moving off into the back offices to report the assault.
    Josh Miller was born in a small German village called Weltschmerz in 1993. He was the son of the community's doctor, but unfortunately his mother died in child birth. He had no siblings. Despite his difficult start in the world, Miller's father loved him dearly, and as he grew up Josh showed an interest in his work. Josh would follow his father as he made his rounds through the village, watching him tend to the inhabitants with care. He was 10 when the Resonance Cascade occurred.

    While cities were locked down, and towns evacuated, the relatively isolated Weltschmerz was more or less forgotten in the chaos. Now part of what was known as the "Wasteands", the villagers were left to fend for themselves. Josh's father was needed more than ever, and had a plethora of injuries to treat every year when the Antlion mating season became an established phenomenon. It was at this point that Josh began to help his father with his work as best he could - for there were many people in need of treatment, both locals and the refugees often passing through.

    A handful of inexperienced villagers could hardly hold off the dangers of the Outlands for long. By 2008, four years after the 7 Hour War, Josh had lost his father. His village was scattered in the wake of the portal storms, and he found his way to City 45, where he lived unhappily for a year - tormented by the victimisation of one particularly sadistic JUDGE unit. To his relief, Miller was relocated to City 18 after a particularly extreme exogen outbreak. After witnessing the carnage, he had regular nightmares, which developed into an ongoing condition of insomnia.

    In City 18 he eventually became a medic in the CWU, deciding to put his rudimentary medical skills to use. Partly due to sympathy to the slum-dwellers, partly out of blackmail received from a certain insurgent, he began to supply the slums with food and provisions which he filched from the CWU's storage. Fearing discovery, and the growing threats of his blackmailer, Josh Miller was fortunate to find himself abruptly relocated to City 16, where he spent his time treating the various conditions that cropped up among the populace from the hazardous climate enveloping the city. Recently, he has been relocated another time, now to City 17.

    Feeling lost in an utterly new city, Miller fell back to the only thing he was used to, and reapplied for membership in the CWU's medical division, hoping to regain something of the routine he had found disrupted in his enforced travels.
    Character Name:
    Josh Miller
    Physical Description::
    Male|Fraying C16 jumpsuit|Deep bags under eyes|Several missing teeth|Pallid skin|Late 20's
    Experienced medic
    Chronic insomnia and anxiety
    Will you remain loyal to the UU?:
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    ACCEPTED [ICly applied, as well]

    The backstory has gone under some tweaks to fit his new role (Nurse) / he's already aware of this. All explained in the server.
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