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  1. iAmDX9

    iAmDX9 The Non-Flying Dutchman

    Member Name:

    Steam Name:

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    What position are you applying for?:
    City Administrator Minister​

    Roleplay Experience:
    6 Years of roleplaying.​
    2 Years of HL2RP​

    Roleplay Example:

    *On a normal day at the Office*

    Steve Greenfield is setting at his desk, in his office​
    Dr. Robert Parsons walks up to the desk, sighing​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: A lot of paperwork again?​
    Steve Greenfield sighs "Yeah, Boring stuff lately"​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: What are you working on?​
    Steve Greenfield: Working on some propaganda again. A lot of writing.​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Ahh. That must indeed be boring.​
    Steve Greenfield: And what are you working on?​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: I'm working on a new type of gun.​
    Steve Greenfield: New type of gun?​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: It's going to be in different types, some kind of tracking device.​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: You basicly fire a type of chip into a body, tracable with a datapad.​
    Steve Greenfield: Usefull for sweeps, I guess?​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Indeed.​
    Steve Greenfield: Well, I wish you success on your project then.​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Want to get some coffee and a meal at the Café?​
    Steve Greenfield: Yeah, Of course! I'm quite hungry.​
    Steve Greenfield folds some papers, he puts them in a suitcase taking the suitcase with him​
    Dr. Robert Parsons straightens his suit​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Let's go.​
    *The two men walk out of the offices, moving down the Nexus*​
    C18.MPF-UNION.04.68353: Good day.​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Hello.​
    Steve Greenfield: Hi.​
    Steve Greenfield proceeds to walk up the stairs​
    Dr. Robert Parsons attempts to dodge a puddle of soda​
    Dr. Robert Parsons rolls 21
    Dr. Robert Parsons steps into a pile of soda while walking inside​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Ugh.. Disgusting!​
    Steve Greenfield laughs​
    Dr. Robert Parsons yells: Get someone to clean this mess!​
    *The two men proceed to move inside*​
    Steve Greenfield sits down on one side of the table​
    Dr. Robert Parsons sits down on the other side​
    May Halington walks up to them​
    May Halington: Would you like to order something?​
    Steve Greenfield nods​
    Steve Greenfield: I'd like a coffee, and some toast with cheese please.​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Black coffee, Three sugars and little bit of scotch in it.​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Also I'd like a toast with cheese and processed meat.​
    May Halington: Will do!​
    May Halington walks back into the kitchen, prepairing the food.​
    Steve Greenfield opens his suitcase, getting some papers out, looking at them.​
    Steve Greenfield loses grip on the papers​
    Steve Greenfield rolls 78 out of 100
    Steve Greenfield manages to hold the papers before they fall​
    Steve Greenfield puts them back, sighing.​
    Steve Greenfield: Tell me some more about this project you're working on.​
    Dr. Robert Parsons gets some papers out, explaining Steve some things​
    Steve Greenfield: This is really smart, Do you think it will work?​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Of course it will work!​
    May Halington brings the men their meal​
    Dr. Robert Parsons: Thank you.​
    Steve Greenfield: Thanks.​
    May Halinton: You're welcome!​
    Steve Greenfield drinks his coffee looking at the blueprints of Robert​
    *The two men finish their meal, moving back to their Offices*

    1980: (Born) Born in a hospital, In London. Steve Greenfield was born 1980, 25th of March. His parents were happy to have their first child, Having great fortune and expectations for their son.​

    1986: (6 Years old) Steven grows up in the outskirts of London, With his Mother and Father, Having a nice life in a medium sized village. His parents often got a lot of letters from Steve's teacher, Saying he is doing very well in school but he seems not to be making a lot of friends. The letters sometimes mentioned that he was sitting alone, writing things and drawing, he was more of a person that did things on his own. His parents proud due to his good grades and the friendships didn't seem to bother him. They also noticed that he used to cut open bugs and plants, looking at the insides and drawing how it looked like. His parents asked him once why he did that on what he asnwered: I find this more interesting than playing football. His parents were impressed by his way of looking at things.​

    2000: (14 Years) Steve was known as a smart kid, teachers and other parents were impressed. He skipped quite a couple levels on school, due to his intelligence. He went downtown in London often to go to hospitals because the medical interest. He was great at what he wanted to do. He wanted to become a doctor, Saving lives and helping out criminals being caught by doing autopsies on the victims. He was a very young person to become a doctor, at the age of 16 he began doing doing his medical career.​

    2004: (18 Years old) Steve and his family, along side nearly everybody in the village, Move into London, That has been heavily modified with barricades, walls with barbed wire and heavily armed Soldiers. Steve finds it terrifying what kind of creatures have come out of no-where in their town. Small four legged creatures known as Headcrabs by the people, Since Steve witnessed when he was walking with his Dad, How one of them ambushed them, Leaping onto his fathers head and mutating him into a monster. It wasn't his father anymore. Steve didn't know what to do with his mutated Father, He almost got killed by him if it wasn't for the districts Gun-Club, Saving innocent lives by going around the district, Armed with weapons and killing all the monsters they found and sending people to London. Steve read the news and heard about so called "Portal Storms" and was both interested and scared about what was going on.​

    2010: (24 Years) These so called Combine Forces, Come from these "Portal Storms" As it spreads quickly around in London, With Steve knowing about what is going on. These "Combines" came with heavily armed forces in masses, With Four legged creatures, Gun ships and technology nobody has seen before. Reports all over the world are spread, Saying they are here for War, Attacking all major city's, even New York surrenders to The Combine. Being in a Hospital the day of the so called after the even "The Seven Hour War"¨, He was working heavily with so many wounded people that made it to the Hospital. After the entire building getting taken out, Steve survives the fall, Unlike most of the people in the hospital. Steve would never forget what had taken place. He sees in front of him that a lot of destruction has been done to London, Thinking that this has happened to the other major cities as well. He gets into one of the Cities controlled by the Combine. He stays in this City for a while.​

    2012: (26 Years) He lets people around him that he has medical skills that he can offer people Medical treatment with everything he could do. He noticed that women didn't get pregnant and some people cant remember their teen and kid years. Even some of Steve's greatest friends who knew him since childhood and teens didn't remember nor recognize him. Steve was stunned by what was going on.​

    2013: (27 Years) He decides to start doing something for the city, since he finds himself useless by just wandering around. He decides to get somewhere, to actually do something. He thought about his writing skills and thought: If I would just be able to become some kind of minister.​

    2016: (30 Years) He finally managed to apply for the Minister position. He's is now waiting for a reply, wandering around the streets of C18 and getting to know people. He has his apartment and daily goes to the Café to get a meal. Wondering if his application will get accepted or not.​

    Character Name:
    Steve Greenfield​

    Physical Description:
    5'10 | Brown Hair | Green Eyes | Citizen Clothing | Black Shoes | Healthy Attitude

    Writing, Able to handle Stress, Good in explaining things​

    Afraid that Stress will take him down some day, Hard time keeping relationships with people due to his past​

    Will you remain loyal to the UU?:
  2. RedParadoxin

    RedParadoxin Guest

    *The backstory is a decent length, I enjoyed reading it for the most part.
    *The RP example is good, yet it does need to be improved on some points etc. grammar, punctuation.
    *The Skills Disabilities are well balanced.

  3. iAmDX9

    iAmDX9 The Non-Flying Dutchman

    It does need to improved.

    GG Red, You'll get there some day.
  4. Turlington

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  5. RedParadoxin

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    I don't get what you mean.
    EDIT: Oh, I see it.
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  7. Everything looks fine, so +support
  8. Ponda

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    Backstory is pretty neat +SUPPORT
  9. Creeper Joe™

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    The app is pretty neat. I have nothing to point out actually, well done.
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