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    Member Name:

    Steam Name:

    Steam ID:
    What position are you applying for?:
    City Administrator Minister

    Roleplay Experience:
    Around 2, maybe more years of HL2RP
    About half a year of Dungeons and Dragons, maybe more

    Roleplay Example:

    *A normal day in the office...*

    Sierra Dawson says: Greetings Sword.

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 says: Good afternoon Ma'am.

    Sierra Dawson says: Up for some coffee?

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 says: I guess, not for too long though. I have training in half an hour.

    Sierra Dawson says: Not to worry Sword, I have some already prepared for a meeting soon. I'll just make some more.

    ** Sierra Dawson walks over to a table where two mugs of coffee lay, she picks them up turning around and walking over to the Sword again, taking a seat placing both the mugs on the table smiling.

    ** C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 takes his helmet off slowly placing it aside before picking up one of the mugs, blowing the hot cup of coffee then taking a sip.

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 says: So what have you been up to lately?

    ** Sierra Dawson picks up the other mug saying "Oh nothing, just paperwork and propaganda... The usual." before taking a sip, gesturing to all the paperwork that lays on her desk.

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 says: Sounds boring, got any ideas or plans for anything?

    Sierra Dawson says: There was this one I came up with.

    ** Sierra Dawson takes out a piece of paper from in one of her draws showing it to the Unit.

    ** It is a picture of three citizens stood looking quite proud, all of them with loyalist armbands on.

    Sierra Dawson says: I also had an idea where we could turn one of the buildings into a sort of VIP or Loyalist only building where loyalists can go.

    ** C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 nods clearly bored and probably not paying attention.

    ** Sierra Dawson flips the poster back around looking at it herself saying "Although it is just an idea, most likely won't happen. Although there is a chance."

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 says: Mhmm...

    ** C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 loses concentration on the coffee mug going to drop it.

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 rolled a 23 out of 100

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 says: Oh shit!

    Sierra Dawson says: That was lucky it did not go all over my paperwork.

    ** Sierra Dawson stands up walking around to see the mess.

    Sierra Dawson says: Ughh... Get someone in here to clean this...

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 radios: Get me the closest Biotic to Miss Dawson's office.

    Sierra Dawson says: No! Please no, those horrible creatures disgust me.

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 radios: Cancel that, no Biotics needed.

    ** Sierra Dawson sighs in relief, tidying up her uniform.

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 says: You got a cloth?

    Sierra Dawson says: Yes, Uhh... Here.

    ** Sierra Dawson reaches into her pocket pulling out some tissues, handing them to him and saying "Use them to clean yourself I'll get a mop." before walking across the room to a station where there are various cleaning tools. She picks the mop up dipping it in the bucket walking over quickly beginning to mop the floor where the Officer spilt the coffee.

    ** C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 finishes cleaning himself up saying "Thanks for the tissue..." then going to pick up his helmet putting it back on radioing in..

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 radios: All Sword units to the training hall, if you're not there before I am, you're not taking part!

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 says: I'll see you later then Miss Dawson.

    Sierra Dawson says: Goodbye Sword, good luck with training.

    C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 says: Yeah, thanks.

    ** C18.MPF.SWORD.DvL.19865 turns walking out, saying "Good luck with your paperwork."

    ** Sierra Dawson finishes mopping up placing the mop back where it was before walking back over to her desk taking out a cloth beginning to wipe the desk. She then comes to a picture of her family dusting it down with the cloth smiling at it.

    ** Sierra Dawson then begins tidying up the stacks of papers on her desk making sure they are in the right pile, after doing that she goes round to the front of her desk to check if it looks tidy then leaning in to sort out her name tag that is on her desk, it reads out "Miss Sierra Dawson."


    1990 (Born): Sierra was born into a family of three, at first being the only child at first also born with a slight deafness in her right ear. She was born the 1st of June 1990 in Belfast, Ireland. Her parents happy of their first child and already planning another.

    1993-1996 (3-6 years old): Sierra got her first sibling, her brother. He was named Michael Dawson, being named after his uncle. Sierra was happy to have a brother and grew up beside him. She did not hear of her parents planning for another child. She soon found out her skill for arts and crafts, she picked up this skill faster than the others in her school, being able to do the simple stuff like colour in without going through the lines at a younger age than the rest. She also showed how intelligent she was from a young age, during her early times at school.

    1996-2000 (6-10 years old): At this point in her life her parents were planning another child. Sierra was acting like young talent in school, her art skills improving and being one of the 'popular' kids she looked out for her little brother. She also got her fear for aliens at this age after seeing her father watching a movie about aliens taking over earth. Sierra also had an interest for how the world was run, like politics and constantly questioned about how Ireland and Britain was run also questioning how the English forces came in 1972, causing what we know as 'Bloody Sunday'. She studied hard and stuck in at school getting her first boyfriend and living the ordinary life.

    2000-2003 (10-13 years old): This is when Sierra's parents were planning for her next brother or sister, in the early stages of 2002 giving birth to her new sister, Emily Dawson. Sierra was continuing to stick up for her little brother awaiting him in secondary school, sticking in, getting the good grades and planning on picking art as on of her optional subjects. Unfortunately the combine came to quick and began invading earth as they came through these so called "Portal Storms" created by black mesa. As soon as the combine hit London, people started piling on planes and heading for anywhere other than the places being attacked. Sierra and her family fled South towards France, when they found out the combine were heading down South also, they switched direction going across to Germany stopping off for fuel on the way, then heading for Russia. The war coming to an end and the combine taking over earth, Sierra and her family finally got to Russia, the huge country that was now out lands. They joined a group of people who were in Russia willing to protect and hide them, and with Emily around they did not want to go near the combine.

    2006-2010 (16-20 years old): Hiding in the out lands with this group that had now turned into "The Resistance" Emily had now grown up a little, Sierra's father had joined in with fighting for the group, climbing through the ranks. The groups occasionally stopped off at cities getting through the sewage, even though there were combine technology down there, they still made their way through. Eventually they got to City 8 deciding to stay there for a bit. Sierra being the oldest she often split off and roamed around plaza by herself staying out of trouble occasionally stealing the odd piece of fruit/food items. She then gained an interest into how the combine ruled the city and how the city administrators were doing their jobs. She then began studying them and finding out how they worked. Eventually the Resistance had to leave, a rookie mistake by one of the members got Sierra's parents confused thinking she was with the resistance when they left the city. Sierra in the meantime was in the plaza talking to a city administrator, finding out some information on how they work and how you can apply to become one. The Resistance left along with Sierra's parents and siblings, leaving her alone in this city.

    2010-2019 (20-29 / Present day): She was soon enough transferred to City 18, where she would have to start again making new friends. She became friends with a few people continuing to study how the City Administrators worked like looking at propaganda posters, filling in pretend paper work, and eventually creating her own business "Dawson Wares" little did she know her little sister Emily was roaming around in this city as well, she did not know what she was doing or that she was even there however Emily had somehow survived and made her way over there. After working in her business for a few years the CWU offered her a job as a higher ranked Worker, Sierra took the job selling her store to another young entrepreneur. After a while working for the CWU she eventually decided to apply to become a City Administrator, every day hoping she will get the job and find her family again.

    Character Name:
    Sierra Dawson

    Physical Description:
    Light Irish Accent, Brown Long Hair, City Administrator's Suit, CA Badge that reads "Sierra Dawson", 5ft 8', Blue Eyes.

    Artistic, Charismatic, Organised

    Scared of Vortigaunts, Slightly deaf in one ear.

    Will you remain loyal to the UU?:
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    roleplay was enjoyable but bland
    we know you're ok at rp-in'.
    cba to read full backstory tbh, but it's looking ok.

    +support i guess, but i'd like the surprised "O" into "Oh" if you'd care for that.
  4. Diggysean

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    Backstory is good.
    RP example is good.
    Seen you RP.
    Disabilities actually changed the phase of RP, and it's creative other than the general " scared of heights ".

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    Haha, must have been my keyboard acting up, changed that to "Oh"

    Hold up, or I would if I could edit my posts :p (sorry for double post)
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    Fixed it for you bby.
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    Thnx bby ;)
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    Le +Support

    Another char to kill
  9. L30N

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    I'll tell you some stuff you have to know on steam.. Wait, by the time you read this I'll have already told you.. Das crayzie.
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