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    After extensive discussions among the admin team we have decided that now would be a good time to re-open the server.

    To get everyone up to speed, here is the current state of the lore going in.

    The year is 2019. In light of the recent attacks, a full lockdown is in place. No one can enter, and no one can leave. The MPF have become increasingly more aggressive, beating citizens for "crimes" as petty as merely staring for too long. Criminal activity has been almost completely eradicated, although there is talk of a large-scale assault happening soon. The Administrator has issued severe warnings to anyone who may be suspected of aiding the barbarians who threaten the peace and order of this place. But will it be enough to stop the coming storm? Because the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world...


    That's right. After much user demand, we have finally decided to switch over to the hotly-anticipated Paul Blart: Mall Cop RP Schema. HL2RP wasn't really working so we feel that a change of theme would really help to bring back the population. As this change can be a bit jarring for a lot of people, here is a summary of each faction that will be playable.
    Citizen - The average shopper at West Orange Pavilion Mall. They are expected to partake in transactions across the various shops available and mingle with other shoppers.
    MPF - Led by Paul Blart, the Mall Protection Force maintain law and order in the mall. Equipped with the best weapons and armour available, they are responsible for arresting shoplifters and protecting the mall from shooters.
    Administrator - The Mall Administrator oversees the general management of the mall to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They are responsible for making deals with companies who want to open up stores and organising events to encourage people to shop there.
    CWU - The Cashier Worker Union consists of employees who work the checkouts at WOPM. They have recently unionised so that they can work towards better working conditions in this capitalist world.
    Resistance - Anti-Capitalist activists seek to disrupt the serenity of the mall experience by carrying out shoplifting raids and armed assaults on the mall. They are growing in numbers and becoming increasingly more dangerous.

    I hope this excites everyone, because we at Exontic Gaming are certainly excited for you to experience this new chapter in our server's 7-year long history.​
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