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    Below is a list of rules ALL users are expected to follow. Failure to do so will result in some form of punishment, from warnings, to kicks, to bans. The list is currently a work in process, so new rules may appear in the future.

    General RP
    1. No powergaming - this refers to extending the abilities of your character or bypassing the role-play systems in place to turn a situation in your character’s favour, or simply role-playing in an overly forceful manner. Avoid making your characters to overpowered.
      Example 1: In a combat scenario, a player performs the action of slicing off an enemy character’s head. They do not roll against the other player, and kill them outright.
      Example 2: A citizen character has their arm broken one turn, but in the next turn the player still tries to do a fullly effective punch with that arm.
    2. No metagaming - this refers to using knowledge known OOC that your character would not know IC to inform their actions.
      Example: A player sees in the OOC chat that the rebel base is located in a warehouse at the back of the slums. Using this knowledge, they take their character there and try to join the Resistance.
    3. No RDM - Random Death Match, i.e. killing another player with no or minimal roleplay. Even as a joke, this will be heavily punished.
    4. Void sparingly. Excessive voiding will be ignored, so think about what your character says or does.
    5. Avoiding RP is strictly prohibited. If you take issue with the RP you are currently involved in, speak to an admin. Example: A citizen is caught in a restricted area by a CP, who moves to arrest him. The player doesn’t want his character to be punished, and so he runs away without role-playing his escape.
    6. Don’t spam the IC chat with small, insignificant actions. Try to keep your actions detailed, if possible.
    7. The map is an ICly enclosed area and cannot be exited during normal roleplay scenarios, escapes, or events. Characters may leave the district for story purposes (never in pursuit) under admin approval in exchange for not being able to come back for a set amount of time.
    8. The map's secret areas and proplocked routes are considered restricted IC knowledge and will only be given to a handful of characters for eventmaking. While one may notice these secret doors opening, the exact mechanism will remain unknown unless one of these people instructs an user (heavily discouraged).
    9. Civil Protection are allowed and encouraged to search people randomly and thoroughly, and if they notice the slightest suspicion. This does not mean OOC targeting is not considered metagame.

    Character Creation
    1. Try to maintain a mostly serious atmosphere. While there is certainly room for humour, outright joke characters and role-plays that become too silly will be put to a stop. Similarly, characters that reference existing HL2 characters, real life names or other fictional characters are not allowed and will be PK’d.
    2. No player is permitted to create a character that is clearly intended to cause confusion or doubt to who is the original character, this also goes for impersonating OOC players.
    3. Characters must have reasonable backstories that permit them special skills, but must not be Mary Sues or Gary Stus in which they are a hero with no flaws that can do whatever they want with no struggle. Outlier backstories that give characters things like military backgrounds are subject to admin approval.
    4. Descriptions should mainly contain an overview of the character’s immediate appearance. Personality traits, motivations, etc. should be role-played.

    Player Inventory, Items, and Containers
    1. Unconcealable items due to their size or shape (shotguns, rifles, shovels...), if carried, must be added to the physical description (describing the item, or adding suspicious and recognisable bulging in your clothing). If the user fails to do this the item will be considered unusable but not nonexistent in the player's inventory, due to FailRP.
    2. The player inventory is IC at all times, meaning all items present will be considered as carried by the user right then, without exception. Containers will also be IC at all times, and should never be behind propblocks or unreachable map spots (no OOC storage).
    3. Containers are not to be bypassed without the approval of a neutral admin and through proper roleplay (no magically spawning lockpicks or breaking containers without reason).
    4. The inventory has to be coherent and RP friendly, meaning the total weight of it must be accordingly roleplayed and the contents have to be realistic, without aiming to exploit its mechanics.
      Example: Carrying 8 pistols and 3 shotguns because they can fit in the inventory. Example 2: Carrying 10000 backpacks to increase weight limit.
    5. IC items (such as tools and other non coded goods) are allowed to be used in roleplay if authorised and properly obtained, and have to be added to the physical description (if hidden, add a [CONCEALED] tag). They will be accompanied by passive rolling for their use.
    6. Physical description cannot be changed to accomodate to the roleplay abusively, it must be changed after or before the ongoing situation.
      Example: Not displaying that you're carrying a rifle to move through the plaza, and then changing it to show so when you need to use it.
    7. At no point is any player, administrator, moderator or IC BMD, CP/OTA unit allowed to use the buy menu (or spawn) when in character in view of others, in a situation of conflict or any other situation outside of a reasonable place to ‘rearm’ This rule also falls under general administrator discretion.
    8. In the presence of others, or if you are trespassing on somebody else’s property, you cannot simply grab the item you wish, you need to roleplay it, as other characters may hear you or wish to stop you.

    Combat Rules
    1. Combat makes use of a turn-based roll system. Each turn, a different party acts, and every member in the party can perform a single action. As this sort of combat is difficult to automatically enforce it is up to the players to follow the rules honourably, and up to the admins to ensure that said rules are being followed.
    2. Different characters may be eligible for certain bonuses. Consult the roll guide to see if you can benefit.
    3. If a stun, such as a flashbang, is used, those affected by the stun (regardless of team) are unable to perform an action for the next turn of their respective party. Further details in the roll guide.

    IC Guards

    1. Major faction bases are generally regarded as protected, and so it would be extremely unrealistic for a player to try and infiltrate one of them when few players are currently using that faction.
    2. On the flip side, IC guards cannot be exploited by important faction members to protect themselves when they are attacked. If you are in such a position, it is up to you to be cautious when venturing outside alone.
    3. If you do wish to infiltrate a faction base, you must get it approved by an admin first who can act as an overseer of the role-play. Infiltration would typically be allowed if the target faction is popular at the time, and would be heavily restricted even then.

    OOC Rules

    1. Listen to and follow any instructions of warnings given by a member of staff. If you have an issue with anything they say, make a report on the forums. It is highly encouraged that you take screenshot evidence in order to help your case (copy-pasted logs can't be verified, so they cannot be accepted as evidence). In general you should report any behaviour, be it from a user or admin, that you find suspicious or detrimental. This goes for admins as well, if you find another admin abusing their power and or breaking rules, screenshots will be the primary form of evidence.
    2. Spamming the OOC or LOOC chat is heavily discouraged. The OOC chat has a timer for this reason, but even then do not take advantage of that. It is up to the admin to decide what constitutes as spam.
    3. Racism, homophobia, and any other form of derogatory discrimination are to be avoided in OOC, and kept to an absolute minimum. We have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behaviour. While it wouldn't be encouraged IC, it is permitted, as long as it doesn't go overboard.
    4. Any form of exploiting, be it from hacking or using other clandestine methods to gain an unfair advantage, is not allowed. This includes glitching the use of animations.
    5. Using voice or chat programs to coordinate RP OOCly is considered meta and it highly discouraged. Will be punished if caught.

    Admin Rules
    1. Your job as a member of staff is to ensure RP runs smoothly and everyone is having a good time. Your job is NOT to use your position and tools available to better the situation of your character or your friends’ characters.
    2. Using no-clip or physgun to move around the map is unacceptable, unless a player has been RDM’d and needs to be returned to their previous location. Otherwise, if you can’t manually walk or jump to a location, then that location is off-limits.
    3. Spawning in weapons and ammunition for yourself is also prohibited. Think twice before you and your fellow admins decide to have an OOC gunfight. General abuse of flags will be punished.
    4. Using observer to stalk other people’s role-play is generally prohibited, with certain exceptions that can be decided upon with staff.
    5. Console logs should only be used for admin duties, such as proving an instance of FailRP or command abuse. Using them for your own personal gain will result in an infraction.
      Example 1: Finding out the password of a locked container.
      Example 2: Predicting when a sweep is about to occur.
    6. Role-play is an inclusive activity; using your admin powers to shut others out of a situation and keep it to a chosen set of characters will not be tolerated.
    7. Admins currently involved in an RP situation cannot give OOC input if a disagreement arises from it. Instead, an uninvolved admin must be sought to make a decision.

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