[DENIED] Willy Bonka's Vortigaunt Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Willy Bonka, Dec 6, 2015.

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    Willy Bonka
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    I've been roleplaying for about 3 years, mostly on HL2RP but ona few other servers. I have been a vortigaunt before and know how to RPas one.
    Roleplay Example:
    *An enslaved vortigaunt is waiting in his cell when a unit approaches him.
    MPF-UNION.04: "Looks like you're up for cleaning duty, vort."
    *The vortigaunt turns around and picks up a broom behind him and walks towards the door.
    *MPF-UNION.04 opens the cell door and motions the vortigaunt to move.
    MPF-UNION.04: "Move it, or it's a beating."
    *The vortigaunt would begin sweeping outside, sttempting to clean slowly and methodically.
    Vortigaunt has rolled 78.
    *The vortigaunt successfully cleans the area he was assigned to clean and looks at the unit.
    MPF-UNION.04: "That's it, wrap it up vortie. You're going back to your cell."
    The vortigaunt nods slowly and walks with an even lower hunch back into the Nexus.
    Zin'Jaah has always lived in cities. When he was young he got teleported unto Earth from the Resonance Cascade and appeared in a city just before the Seven Hour War began. He took shelter underground in a deep sewer system until he knew when the battle was over, and he emerged from a sewer drain just to be captured by the Combine. He was put in shackles and transported via train to another city, where he was forced to clean. He was freed for 2 years, and spent that time meditating on the Vortessense to sharpen his skills for healing. He used his skills well and was able to stay free by working in the Civil Medical Union where he could heal people to advance his skills further. Until after being moved to City 45 to help since they had a short of people with medical experience, he was shackled and put back into slavery under the Combine's rule, and currently resides as an enslaved vortigaunt in City 45.
    Character Name:
    Physical Description::
    Male/Green skin/Hunched over/6'4/Three red eyes/third arm protruding from chest/hoofed feet/claws/pointed teeth/
    well knowledged in the Vortessense of Healing. Can heal major lacerations, bruises, cuts, minor blood loss, good with hand-to-hand combat
    Fears getting recaptured by the Combine (if free). dislikes overall combat and tries to avoid it if possible, and cannot use the Vortessense for combat as well as he can heal.
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    The Vortigaunt whitelist is one that's exceptionally difficult to gain access to as they're mechanically one of the strongest playable factions, alongside being veiled in mystery which I expect the players to uphold. Given how brief your application is I'm hesitant to allow you access. Were the application to be expanded I'd give it another review and re-think my verdict, but, for the time being, this is far too little to judge.

    If you are to re-apply, give this thread a look.

    Feel free to re-apply if you so wish.
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