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    Steam Name:
    Steam ID:
    MPF, Resistance, OTA, OCA
    Character Name:
    Brianne 'Scharfschütze' Jameson
    Character Lifespan:
    22 years pretty much.
    Character Backstory:
    [Life in the Orphanage]
    Brianne was an left at an orphanage at the age of 2. She began life there as a young child and life there was quite abusive. when rules were broken, beatings were quite harder than they were mean't to be. Eating was ONLY allowed during designated times(Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.) If you were caught eating outside of these times, there was no sit in the corner with the ol' fashioned dunce cap, You were forced to sleep outside in the 'Trouble-Makers shack.' Brianne can't even count on two hands how many times she's been in this shack. She would break into other childrens rooms and steal their toys, Brianne would continuosly bully children younger than her into submission. Brianne was the most dominant child in this orphanage. The orphanage they lived in would have a designated adoption period daily (10AM-9PM). Brianne hoped to be in a family one day. She'd even promise not to be too bad. Later that day, she was hungry and it was outside the regular eating time, so she decided to wait until late past curfew and sneak into the kitchen. She remembered there was a lock on the cabinets so she'd had to figure out a clever way to get in so she goes to grab a bat from one of the children's toys and heads down to the kitchen. When she arrives, she sees before her 2 cabinets with locks on them. She proceeds to break them with her bat as best she can but it's rather hard given it's wooden and not metal, the bangs were so loud it woke the head mistress of the orphanage and she was furious. Brianne, after being caught, was sentenced to two weeks in the 'Trouble-Makers Shack.', Brianne overreacted and compared the headmistress to a communist police officer. She was relieved there isn't a bunch of those in the world.

    [Life after Adoption]
    One day, when Brianne was 13, a family from the 'Fighting 69th' came in, a rather strong Irish-American military family. They came in looking to adopt a child, but they wanted no ordinary child, they wanted the most mischevious one of them all. Brianne knew she had a cold heart and she craved being with a family and not in some dirty, disguting and decrepit orphanage. She raised her hand, it seemed her ego took her over and she shouted: "Take ME! I'll have tacks on your toilet seat, lunch money from nerds at school in my pocket, and of course anyone who breaks into your house is in for quite a nasty surprise!" The Irish-American Man whom looked to be the head of the 'Fighting 69th' family looked at her with a slight smile and with calm words he uttered: "Then you shall come with me on this day young lady. I have a young son who'd love to have a playmate and a friend." Brianne's smile was so bright, she couldn't wait to be adopted into a good family, she was even surprised a heavy, Irish descended family would take an American girl that they know nothing of other than her mischevious acts. They arrived at their home after a long adoption process and Brianne loved the house that the Irish family lived in. Coming down the steps, a young Irish boy, he looked to be a few years older than Brianne... "14? 15 Maybe..?" Brianne thought as the young Irish lad walked down the steps. He put his hand out in a polite and well-mannered way and he uttered with calm words:"Hello Miss, I'm your brother, Patterson. Brianne Smiled and said: "Just Patterson?" He replies: "I preferr not to say my first name." Brianne and 'Patterson' got along well, matter of fact, Brianne started to have more of a polite tone and better manners to her personality ever since 'Patterson' became her role model. Despite the family being all fancy, they eventually taught Brianne to fire a BB gun with a small scope. The family thought of this as a good thing if Brianne were to ever consider military. Her skills with the rifle have improved dramatically through days of practice, on hunting runs she'd often be the first to kill game. once she hit the age of 17, she was able to 'upgrade' to an actual RIFLE that was capable of firing real calibur bullets. The life with the 69th was the best for Brianne.

    [When Portal Storms Attacked]

    Brianne reaches the age of 19, some rather spooky things have happened and various of strange creatures have come from cross-dimensional portals. Headcrabs, Vortigaunts, Antlions. Etc. This was a good reason for Brianne to test her skills. While Brianne was shooting off each individual creature with her rifle, the family she was so attached to had boarded up their house so none of the creatures could get inside. When they finished they held refuge in their house until help came. Brianne and Patterson were the only 2 who were fit enough to go out into the open areas of the house and make sure non of them got in. Unfortunately, Patterson's father had been injured gravely from a Vortigaunts lightning and his mother had a heart attack during the horrid event. His father spoke with last words while Brianne retreated to another room to hide under a table after 2 important people in her life are perished. He said: "Patterson, y-you have to p-promise me." (He says as he's dizzy from the lightning that shocked him) "Promise me you'll take good care of her. She may be just an Orphan, but we love her as if she her one of our own." Patterson replies in a mourning tone: "Yes, Father. I'll do so, she won't fall under anyone's corrupt spell... ever..." His father says: "Th-that's my B-boy." He rubs Patterson's face and begins to fade away and he perishes in Pattersons hands. Brianne and Patterson later give them a proper burial once order has been re-established. Their lives will never be the same after this traumatizing event.

    [Life after the Combine Invaded]
    Some time later, the Combine decide to disperse their soldiers down to take over Earth. To the humans unfortunate luck, this little ordeal lasted only a mere 7 hours. After Combine order was well established, the remaining assets to the 'Fighting 69th' had to take shelter in a sewers near a beach in Ireland. The 'Fighting 69th' had a full arsenal and food supply, they were set for awhile until a deserter managed to steal a majority of it and attract Civil Protection attention. Brianne and Patterson had no choice but to leave, but admist all the confusion of where to go, they've been seperated and forcefully transferred to seperate cities. Patterson was sent to City 8 in Japan and some other would be sent to City 18. Patterson had lost all hope in seeing Brianne ever again, and thought she was dead for sure. Unfortunately, City 8 had some major difficulties between the OTA and CCA. The CCA managed to take back but to their poor luck, some of the Resistance, CCA and MPF of City 8 decided to take retreat to City 18, Patterson was included in this bunch and knew this is where Brianne was transferred, would he find her? He doesn't think so...
    Requested Alias/New Name:
    [No need for this.]
    IC Aspect Requested:
    Brianne was in City 18 before the new arrivals from City 8 came in (You guys.) So she's already all geared up with a sniper rifle, kevlar, and a duster trenchcoat and knows the ins and outs of City 18 from living there for 2 and a half years.
    IC Items Requested (Max of 3):
    [EDIT]: M24 Sniper Rifle, and plenty of ammo for the M24
    IC Knowledge Requested:
    Knows C18 like the back of her hand being there for 2 and a half years and knows CQC quite well.
    IC Background Requested:
    Special Backround.
    Why should you be given the requests?:
    To make the above backstory come to life pretty much. The rifle to show that she knows how to fire a gun and the 660 tokens to purchase any ammunition or extra weaponry. Patterson taught her the CQC given his family is a military family.
    What are the advantages you get by obtaining the requests?:
    Not needing to search for a Sniper Rifle that's for sure.
    The tokens allow me to get any ammuntion or extra defense.
    Ammunition... Well that's pretty much self-explanatory.
    CQC is for when people are trying to sneak up on her while she's on a roof sniping.
    What are the disadvantages you get by obtaining the requests?:
    Brianne ONLY knows how to handle a Sniper Rifle.
    She knows nothing of SMG's or Shotguns (How to take care of them. etc.)
    Her Handgun knowledge is slim to none.
    Would you like to have additional roll bonuses for your IC knownledge? If so, why?:
    No bonuses are honestly necessary in my opinion, mainly because she'll be on a roof most likely. When she's on the ground she gets along well with others unless she's got a reason not to. I may just use the standard roll bonuses like up close with a weapon is like +25 or + 20 pending on the type of weapon. With melee is +10 I believe. etc.
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    Inform me of errors at all. [(I.E.): Backstory makes no sense, Requests are not reasonable, Reasons for requests not good enough. etc.] I'll do my sincere best to fix them. If any advice can be offered I'm open. I just cannot wait to have this applied if it meets satisfaction.
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    The 50 cal is a bit ridiculous, try a different rifle.
  4. Key2105

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    I agree with amute, .50cals should be hard to come by..

    Try a smaller rifle. Part from that it's okay to me.
  5. Ded

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    Yeah, I was told that 50 Calibur rifles are quite hard to find. Would a Dragunov SVD work a bit better?
  6. Ded

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    Actually an M24 is a good Resistance Rifle, I take that back. Will Edit.
  7. Ded

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    Edit: Decided to change around the "Life after the Combine' Chapter, I hope it won't affect at all.
  8. Ded

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    Edit: Removed the requested 660 tokens, I only request 2 things now.
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    Definitely a knowledgeable roleplayer. I wouldn't mind as long as it's kept as a Dragunov. +support
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