Current bug list 8/15/2015

Discussion in 'Bugs/Glitches' started by ShadyNasty, Aug 15, 2015.

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  1. ShadyNasty

    ShadyNasty Developer/Server Admin Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    - /Radio is not working properly
    - EOW's have OWS models (Possibly fixed by changing the model manually, haven't tested that yet)
    - MPF/CCA Voice commands do not work currently
    - Custom classes do not work currently
    - Jump height and sprint sounds are bugged
    - Boxes holding backpacks/bags don't yield anything when opened, whilst they should yield a backpack/bag

    I'll be updating this as new bugs are found.
  2. ShadyNasty

    ShadyNasty Developer/Server Admin Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    Most if not all of this has been fixed now.
  3. xH2OxLowbridge

    xH2OxLowbridge That Server Admin Everyone Loves.

    Using /observer whilst using the massive chicken pill crashes the server.
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  4. VulpesCallida

    VulpesCallida Retired Retired Kojima and Server Duct Tape

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I'll put it here for geemayn:
    -Female units should spawn with the female model of their rank.

    Rest of bugs:
    -Female unit models not being able to crouch or aim properly (especially OfC model) / always T pose.
    -Most recently added models have no animations - not even for walking.
    -F1 menu has the 'set bodygroups' only for Ted Beverlin's.
    -Customizer only changes the 'Skin' bodygroup of Enhanced citizens. (Are you making items with the clothing?)
    -Units should spawn with a stunstick on their inventory instead of a 9mm and ammo for it.
    -The newspapers are bugged. At least they should be fixed.
    -Unit models don't have the 'COMPASS' armband bodygroup.
    -Cremator sounds too loud, and buggy.
    -Immolator defective.
    -Some pills have borked animations (May be the addon's problem).
    -Currently, units have no way of obtaining tokens. Something should be done about that.
  5. Hex9811

    Hex9811 Guest

    Another bug which is quite annoying is instead of spawning where I logged off it always spawns me back at the faction spawn, even when I change characters it does this.
  6. Turlington

    Turlington Thot Patrol Admin/Moderator

    Once you customise one character you can't flag and customise the next character, it just stays with the first playermodel and options
  7. Autonomous

    Autonomous Veteran Half-Life 2 Roleplayer - Administrator

    You need to press 'reset'. Then you can customize the current one.
    Also, when you walk as a MPF, the footstep sounds don't play, then after awhile they play again. This bug happened a lot to me.
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