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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by castor, Sep 6, 2018.

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    6 years, although actually once or twice as a vortigaunt. Still a lot to learn. A friend and I have thought of a gimmick
    Roleplay Example:
    ** Lok'Tar obstinately faces the wall, placing his arms on it..
    ** The unit proceeds to withdraw the stunbaton from its appropriate clipping, setting it on low setting. They then proceed to beat the gross alien over his back a few times, not much effort put into it.
    ** Lok'Tar would answer to the strikes by screaming what one would assume are profanities in vortigese, alongside muffled screams and grunts.
    ** The unit then flicks off the baton, proceeding to wave it forwards while muttering the words "move along".
    ** Lok'Tar then turns around and disgruntedly moves away from the unit, muttering something under his breath and frowning with whatever eyebrows he has. He resumes his janitorial duty.
    Backstory (Optional):
    What you'd expect from the average vortigaunt. Xen slave, crowbar-down-steel-corridor trauma, caught as soon as the Combine got to Earth and slaved.
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    Physical Description::
    A gross green alien with three eyes, bad teeth and old shackles.
    Vortessence; janitorial duty; blackmailing
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    Accepted, please read up on the vortigaunt guides and show an administrator this application when you get on the server
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