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    I have had my own serious roleplay server for quite a while and have played on servers like Nebulous Cloud. I enjoy serious roleplay a lot but I don't have a lot of experience other than that.
    Roleplay Example:
    *** Cao Chang applies his face mask, fully covering his identiy. His MPF uniform is clean and well kept. He clips his stun-stick around his waist, checks his pistol, making sure its loaded and then looks into the mirror, seeing his armband that reads MPF-UNION-FTO.01992.

    *** Cao sighs heavily as thoughts of his past experiences with the combine flood into his head. The people he had once hated he had become...

    [RADIO] Dispatch : All Units. Patrol. Code 1.

    *** Cao looks down at his Uniform, he's ready to work.

    (OOC) Cao Chang changes his name to MPF-UNION-FTO.01992

    *** The Union's heavy armour caused his footsteps to be heavy. His friend, another MPF Officer, was standing at the nexus enterance.

    MPF-UNION-FTO.01992 : <:: Hey, how's it going? ::>

    *** The crackling of his Vo-Coder makes the MPF Unit jump.

    MPF-SWORD-03.88271 : <:: Damn, you made me jump... I'm alright, Dispatch wants you to get moving to Plaza. ::>
    MPF-UNION-FTO.01992 : <:: Hmph. ::>

    *** He nods and walks off. Whilst walking he scans the surroundings. The streets were empty. Most of the citizens in the town were either in the various stores scattered around the plaza or inside of the appartments. There wasn't much to do, so he stood on the corner of the street. He unclips his baton and holds it in his hands. He folds his arms and stands, idle. (CP_standing_idle.anim)

    - 10 minutes pass -

    MPF-UNION-FTO.01992 : <:: Inaduible radio chatter ::>

    *** All of a sudden, a citizen runs up to the CP unit.

    MPF-UNION-FTO.01992 : <:: Hold it! What's the rush Citizen? ::>

    *** The Citizen slows down whilist rushing towards the Officer. He is no less than a couple of feet away from the CP unit. The man has his hands on his knees and he is huffing.

    MPF-UNION-FTO.01992 : <:: Looking for trouble? ::>
    Citizen : "Officer! Th- There was a- a fight in the appartments!"

    MPF-UNION-FTO.01992 : <:: Whispers on the radio. ::>
    [RADIO] MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: Unit is investigating 10-31. 10-20 Residential Block - Commons Ward. Additional Units 10-23. ::>
    MPF-UNION-FTO.01992 : <:: Roger that. ::>

    *** The MPF Officer leaves his post, his stun-stick gripped tightly in his hands. He walks ahead of the Citizen, moving towards the steps of the residential block. He walks up the at a walking pace, not too phased by the situation at hand.

    MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: So, what floor Citizen...? ::>
    Citizen : "Floor 3, Sir."
    MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: Hmph. Copy. ::>

    *** They both slowly walk up the stairs, the sound of heavy thuds can be heard echoing through the floorboards and down the stiars.

    MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: Hmph, better get a move on Citizen. ::>

    *** The Citizen nods and they both run up the stairs quicker. Jogging down the hallway they see two men standing at a door. One of them has his hand on the door, shouting at the other. The man infront of him is old and disheveled and has his hand pointed at the other's face. They are both shouting over eachother and the MPF Unit cannot distinguish what they are saying.

    *** The MPF Unit holds grips his stun-stick hard, and flicks the power switch. The crack of the electricity coursing through the stick silences the two men. Whilst walking towards the two men the MPF Unit hold his hand out, signalling them to stay where they are.

    MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: You! Hold it right there! Don't move! ::>
    Older Citizen : "Oh shit... Look what you've done now.." He looks towards the man in the doorway.

    *** The Old Man raises his hands into the air, obviously in fright from the MPF officer. However, the other man slams the door with an audible click coming from the lock.

    MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: Citizen, face the wall, now! ::>

    *** The Citizen steps back slowly as the MPF Officer steps towards him, his hand reaching for his radio.

    [RADIO] MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: Moving to arrest positions... ::>

    *** The old man suddenly starts running as fast as he can, bolting down the stairs as quickly as possible.

    [RADIO] MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: He's running! He's running! All units Code 2! Move to my 10-20, waypoint established! ::>
    [RADIO] MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: Converging on 2nd suspect. ::>

    *** The MPF Union slams his fist and stun stick onto the door multiple times. He shouts : "Get out of there! You're surrounded!". To no avail, the MPF Officer raises his leg, ready to smash it into the door. The force of the kick knocks the flimsy door off of its hinges, revealing the man hiding in the corner of the room.

    MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: Stay where you are, get on the ground, do it now! You have no chance of escape! ::>

    *** The Citizen stands up suddenly, his fists raised, as though he were ready for a fight. The MPF Officer responds with a louder, more violent click of his stun stick. All of a sudden, the man lunges towards the MPF officer, attempting to knock him over.

    ** MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 rolled 19.
    ** Citizen rolled 64.

    *** The MPF Unit falls to the floor, the lunch sending him flying off of his feet. He quickly regains stability, going to grab his pistol.

    [RADIO] MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 Yells : <:: 11-99 Officer needs assistance! ::>

    *** The MPF Officer attempts to swing the baton into the side of the Citizens head.

    ** MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 rolled 87.
    ** Citizen rolled 79.

    *** The Citizen is hit in the side of his face, sending him spinning as he is shocked by the electricity in the stun stick. He falls to the floor, his hand on his bleeding cheek. He spits blood on the floor and limply raises his hand to the MPF Officer, signalling defeat. The MPF Officer grabs the man by the scuff of his shirt and punches him.

    MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: Don't move! ::>

    *** The MPF Officer unclips the pistol from his belt with a pop of the button. With one hand he holds his stun stick, and with the other he aims his pistol. His finger fumbled around the trigger for a moment until another CP burtst into the room. I turn to face him and he nods at me. Reluctantly, I pull the trigger.

    *** The gunshot echoes through the appartment building. The citizens body falls limp on the floor, his face full of fear, but at the same time, emotionless.

    MPF-UNION.FTO.01992 : <:: *Cough*... Fin- Final verdict-... Final verdict administered. ::>

    *** The MPF Officer and the CCA Officer exchange looks.

    CCA-JUDGE-05.98821 : <:: Clean up crew en route. ::>

    *** They both exchange a final nod, and the MPF unit walks off.

    (THE END)
    Backstory (Optional):
    A middle aged man who lived on a farm on the outskirts of Mississipi. He was transfered to the city after the combine took control of the area. However, he only sympathises with them due to the retrebution of his family. The rebels had once used his house as a place of refuge, threatening his family with guns. The day the comine took control of his farm, the found and executed the rebels, causing him to trust them a lot more than most.​
    Character Name:
    Cao Chang
    Physical Description::
    A short but bulky Asian male. His white button up shirt looks quite new. It is clean and well made for a UU Shirt. His Grey Jeans look new too; they are well ironed and clean. He has relitively short too.
    Adept with fire-arms. Is quite good at long distance running.
    Is slightly slower then most people.
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