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    I have had maybe 200 odd hours clocked on LP. I used to have a CWU char, and a rebel char. They both got PK'd. Before that, I was a massive fan of Aerolite Black Mesa RP. I used to be a massive minge on dark rp, but that was like... Two years ago... And yes, on my profile it says I'm 13.
    Roleplay Example:
    /me He would pull his chair up to the workbench. Pulling out his toolbox, not knowing what was wrong, he'd unscrew the back of the radio. On opening, he'd notice the foul smell from inside the casing. He'd begin to pull out the circuit board from within the case, careful not to damage the side. Not knowing the damage, he'd grab an anti-static wrist band, connecting it to a nearby radiator, thinking "I don't want to damage anything". He would then look at the board in more detail than when he pulled it out. Noticing a few wires had melted away from the shear heat within the case. He's spin on his chair, looking at the man who had handed him the radio, "Yo, where has this been? Did you put it in a sauna or something"? The man would would let out a grunt, shaking his head as he walked off. Getting back to his work, he'd once again spin the chair, grabbing some thin copper wire, he'd begin to heat up the soldering iron. He'd grab his radio, flicking the switch and the screen bursting into a low-lit blue life. He's flick the mic on, mumbling, "Hey, can I get another roll of copper wire? Your guys keep breaking things". The voice on the other end, a husky voice would cough, then saying "If you didn't use so much of it, it would last you longer." The man going on to say "Yeah, I'll have someone run it down to your workshop"-The radio then cutting off. He'd clip his radio to the band of his messenger bag, returning to the now, hot iron. He's reach into his upper pocket, pulling out a pair of glasses, fitting them onto his head as he set to work.

    /me he'd grab the iron, resting the copper wire onto the flat surface of the head. Leaning over the board on his desk, he'd heat up one of the joints where the wire had become loose, resting the head of the ironing prick onto the joint /roll (70) He Touched the iron to the joint, the pool getting bigger and the wire sitting inside it as it hardens.

    /me he would lift up the board, looking over the parts closer to the edge. He would see that half the clip for the lithium battery was missing. He'd scrounge around one of his jars, finding the bit he needed. he'd slide the battery out, sliding the clip into place, and then sliding the battery back where it was, connecting the metal prongs into the top of the battery.

    /me seeing nothing else wrong with the board, he'd place it back into the radio case, slotting the transmitter back into the top, where the rubber casing is. He'd grab his screwdriver, grabbing the screws from the magnetic pot holding them. He'd begin to tighten the case down, gently on each corner, and then tightening them up.

    /me He'd reach down to his radio, unclipping it from his bag strap. Flicking on the transmitter, he'd say, "Alright, whoever needed that radio, it is now fixed".

    /it a man would walk into the room, "My radio".
    /me "Yeah", He'd grab it, lifting it to the bloke stood before him, tightening his grip before saying, "Make sure you turn it off every now and again."The man nodding, grasping the radio and walking out of the room

    (I am /rolling when I write this app)
    Samuel grew up in a small county in england, known as wiltshire. His parents had good jobs, he had a lot of friends, he had a good life... Until he moved away. He moved to another part of wiltshire, a bigger town. He had no friends, it wasn't a country side, like he was used to, but that would all help... Get him used to the world after the war.

    He got into technology, mainly computers, at the age of nine. His father worked for a computer store. After school, Sam would be taken to the shop to look at all the latest stuff... Since the internet hadn't been around for too long, it was still the yellow book, so to say. If people wanted computer parts, they had to go to that store and buy them. Same with all the latest tech.

    Since both Sam's parents had good jobs, highly paid, when he was old enough, he was sent to a top university. He took a range of courses, all related to computer science.

    He was in his apartment at the time, student accommodation. He had a few friends round when the war struck out. Him and his friend where issued to go to the nearest city, bristol at the time. He remembered walking into a shelter, laying down on a bed, and then closing his eyes.

    He woke up, not knowing the time, day, or where he was... He remembered being sent to the nearest city... But, this wasn't where he had gone. He pushed himself up from the bed, but... He was on a train... He pushed himself off the seat, through the doors... And he was here, in city 18, somewhere in russia, by the signs put up around.
    Character Name:
    Samuel James Winter
    Physical Description::
    6"2. He speaks with a British accent. His hair is short, his eyes are blue. He has a strong gawline.His Jacket, a muggy brown. His jeans are, what seem to be grey. His trainers are old, black daps. He has a pair of glasses
    Studied Programming language theory, Artificial intelligence, Algorithms and data structures & Human-computer interaction
    Anxiety, Has Glasses
    Will you remain loyal to the Resistance?:
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    +Support, It's an alright app even though you could maybe extend the backstory a little, along with a few other tweaks.
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    Ask an admin in-game for your whitelist
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