Metropolice Biosignal Guides (Author: VulpesCallida)

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Paladin Reese

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Sep 5, 2020
A quick guide on biosignals, biolocks, cameras and other combine-controlled devices
Bare with me, I'm writing this on the phone at work. This will be a small introduction to all the combine-related technology AND even the regular ones, and how it is supposed to be operated.
I'm doing this because everyone seems to interpret it differently.

In each unit's backplate, there is a chip that picks up their vitals. All of these are monitorized by CENTRAL and the ZONE operators. The chip also acts as an extremely precise position tracker and transmits information constantly- meaning that even if it breaks or is disconnected, the exact position of when that happened will show. Each chip has the unit WSN and a series of variables assigned to it, meaning they cannot be faked, falsified or fooled: only way to make them work is to be an actual registered unit who got their chip assigned by their rank leaders. It also leaves registries once used on doors, forcefields, locks, etc.

Each datapad holds, much like a biosignal, a tracking device, which sends signals to the ZONEs and CENTRAL once being used. With a WSN/password identification system, the logins are carefully tracked - to see if the login details' position and the biosignal position assigned to that WSN match. If they don't, an alarm is raised for the position to be checked , and the login info shut down, rendering the datapad useless. Such login info is also shut down if the unit is MIA/KIA or if he is known to be captive, at risk or if the biosignal reports serious damage. All logins are aÁso activity-tracked, meaning a registry is left for every piece of data changed or every page or string of information that's been accessed.

Probably the most useful tool, the EVO permits maximum area control. Minimap and visor notifications included, with a set of different alert displays, and with a facial recognition system for BOLs and objectives, the EVO is able to outline the position of all other nearby active biosignals, bodies and objective points highlighted by CENTRAL, and tracking and identification of devices such as biolocks, datapads and UNION cards. Highly customizable, higher grade masks can carry different visor modes such as heat or EM vision. The HUD only works when wired up to a stable biosignal.

Highly armoured and controlled, all that plugs in these frequencies is immediately tracked and verified or acted upon. CENTRAL is able to control these, switching every registered and verified unit's frequency to a different one in case of breach or shutting them down individually at pleasure. Breaching the system, even if it is to only tune in without speaking, is an extremely dumb and useless idea. Each radio signal is wired up to a biosignal in particular. Or, to a UNION card in case of some ministries.

Extremely dangerous, these only work in some parts of the city, as it is filled with inhibitors that pick up the signals with ease. Only usable on the condemned ward, they're the safest method of communication at close range in the RZs. However, taking them to the plaza or other places can mean suicide. If one frequency is found out all others tuned to it can be tracked.

Phone signals are harder to decypher and travel longer, but due to the lack of antennas you need to be at a high enough place to make a call (not to receive it) (the higher, the further away you can call). The conversations can be picked up on by the UU, if they're long enough, as they're not off the radar completely. Even given the city's frequency control like the plaza inhibitors and jammers, phones can be used everywhere, just not for long, unless you want to risk being eavesdropped or hijacked - however, not tracked immediately, unlike the radios.

Assigned to specific CIDs, these are basically citizen registered keys. They leave a register on where and when they were used (and naturally, thanks to the assigned CID, who used them), and they are trackable (however not constantly monitored one by one) if any unit wishes to do so. Much like a bio-signal, however they only work on biolocks. Not UU doors, forcefields, etc.

A service requestable by anyone above 01, areas can be satellite-scanned if CENTRAL grants permission. Anything alive in the area used will be highlighted and its silhoutte drawn on the EVO. Does not work underground, but is fully-working with buildings.

The concept is pretty simple: something impossible to lockpick, only accessable to a few, and that leaves registries of who used it and when. Also sends signals when damaged, and is under constant data stream surveillance. Even if they are EMPd, a signal will be sent.

To sum it up, much like a biolock but exclusively for biosignals. All forcefields and some blast doors are uniquely controlled by CENTRAL and require its authorisation and handling to be maneuvered. They also leave registries, even of the petitions (who asked it to be opened and when). In case of lockdown or JW, only CENTRAL is able to maneuver them.

In the plaza, these cover everything, and eachother. Placed so they guard eachother, and connected to the mainframe and the ZONE systems, these bad boys report directly to CENTRAL. Unaccessable for anyone that is not an OPRTR (which can only view, report and control) and maneuverable (with registries) by OfC+ (except inside the precinct, where its CmD+ unless authorised or if you are the DvL of the ward you're on, for example JUDGE DvL in detainment), these hard-access life-destroyers pick up both sound and image and cover everything except the RZ and the inside of apartment rooms (hospital rooms not included). All other ministry cameras might be reviewed by the staff (cwu security), however never controlled - they also are in the OPRTR system. UNION is the one in charge of handling those last.
Whilst they can be disabled by cutting their wires or shooting them, entire squadrons can be dispatched to investigate given the recent events, really quickly, upon signal loss - and it is very hard to not get caught in them while so.

Only accessable to units (not even ministers can, except for Information, Peace and Interior) these dataloaded machines withhold as many secrets as restrictions. Every single key pressed is registered, as well as any external devices connected: impenetrable fortresses without all the informatic authorisations needed, from rank restrictions that can go from OfC to the confidentiality of only accessible for someone like the General McGrath, or Breen himself. Elite units use their elite cards (as well as MoI/MoP personnel) to verify their status and maneuver them - again, heavily tracked.

Possibly the most armoured area of the district, OfC+, it is crawling with PRAETORIANs who will not hesitate to shoot once they see something suspicious. Whilst catwalk access remains open for all units, the "big elevator" is the checkpoint for an area that even for an accidental trespass would take your life. The Lodge remains accessible through the catwalks for the citizens who want a meeting or patrolling units, even though the OTA keep a huge presence nearby just in case something goes wrong, and only OfC+ might head inside, justifiedly, without an appointment (ministry admin personnel excluded from this rule: it's where they manage their stuff).
The mainframe is Sint+ and only him or someone above can grant entrance to it. No other ministries are allowed in it, it is purely MiniInt and MiniPax controlled. The mainframe is the main control of everything in the district: electronics, biosignals, cameras, generators, doors, forcefields, locks, and even EVOs, mortars, cannons and the self destruction mechanism of the precinct and the subnexus tower.
It is not a computer that withholds registries: there is no need for those. It's too welÁ guarded and surveilled, unacessible 99.9% of the time for everyone, and rarely used, as for it is able to work on its own, and upgrade itself: a fully mechanical AI nearly impossible to best.

Some weapons implement biolock functions: they transmit location and the WSN of who is using them, and they don't work if used by someone else. It is the case of the OSIPRs, OSIDMRs and other alien-technology based weaponry. Same goes with anything retrieved from synths or helicopters, or with APCs. And things like OTA helmets or CP masks do not work signal-less.

Whilst armoured and much stronger than regular limbs, they're also heavier and thus, less maneuverable. If someone understands them, they can be easily shut down. Especially with EMP grenades or devices, which are extremely rare and absurdly overpriced.

Now there are ways around these systems as they have been bested before: however the understanding of these ways goes way beyond regular skill and knowledge: even ZONE divisonals are by the most part not capable of doing it.
HOWEVER, it is known such people exist. And they might offer their services at an absurdly high price depending on what you want. Or they might not offer their services at all. Even code encrypting and decrypting could be something you could convince them to do, if you tried hard enough.

OOCly speaking, I will be taking strict control over said people and will list them below, so nothing stupid is pulled off:

- Agony (me) (does not offer services anymore unless ridiculously high pay, guaranteed success)
- The Jackal (me) (offers services, however is risky and unexperienced. Affordable price but success is not ensured)
- will speak with a few people about this so there is more skilled users. Generally factionless people to avoid bias. Understand that this must be kept under strict control so it isn't abused.
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