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    Steam Name:
    Steam ID:
    Character Name:
    Magnus Carl Johansen
    Character Lifespan:
    28 years.
    Character Backstory:
    Magnus Carl Johansen (Born in 1988) is a man who grew up in solitary, he was born as an albino with white hair, red eyes and pale skin. Having those special aspects costed him a big part of his childhood. Though he never had any difficulties regarding his health, or h is relationship with his family. As an only-child, he was given most of what he wanted. Though that all ended. His parents usually gambled in clubs on late night weekends, forcing Magnus to spend his time alone.

    Though one weekend gave him an unusual feeling, an odd feeling. He begged his parents to stay home, but as expected- they denied, and took off. Magnus had gone to sleep and was for a few hours. He woke up, not even bothering to open his eyes and thought to himself that it was just another crack in the house that woke him. He layed down, only to feel a stunning headache and getting knocked out cold.
    Magnus woke up in what seemed like a torture chamber, strapped to a chair. A man in some ragged clothes wearing a bloody mask, started slowly with his torturing methods towards Magnus, getting to the point of putting him in extreme colds, white torture, sleep deprivation, broken bones and slashed with blades. Though he was fed well, having gotten a good amount of nutrition and proteins from his food, but that was only to his disadvantage as he would get stronger, meaning the stronger he was, the more he had to be tortured.

    During the war between the combine, humans etc. in 2003, Magnus was around 15 years old, he managed to break free from his torturing chamber, grabbing one of the wrenches set on the table beside his seat, brutally beating and killing the people, who had tortured him. Magnus was most likely the only underaged person who managed to escape the grasp of the combine. As Magnus set out in the outlands, he started off by eating bugs, insects etc. though he grew tired of it and started scavenging for modern food, looking through houses. Magnus was put through a lot of trouble and pain in the process. Having to fight off any creatures, or run away from what he couldn't kill. It wasn't just a special occasion that happened once, no it happened more and more, almost everyday.

    One day when Magnus was continuing to explore the outlands, he came upon a shelter, dry enough for him to stay in, though he was rather put to the test as two units had occupied it already. He wanted to take over it but Magnus was too weak at the moment to fight them and got outnumbered. Then shots were heard, and one after another, a bullet flew into the shelter and the two units were killed, leaving only Magnus with a bullet in his forearm. Magnus heard loud footsteps and panicked, not knowing what to do. He couldn't do anything but hide. A group of men, wielding assault rifles spotted Magnus, and offered him to stay with them. It turned out they were insurgencies. After a while of staying with them, the combine came upon their camp and destroyed it, Magnus barely managed to escape with only one of the insurgencies. Both of them were weak, and had nothing left, no food, no water. Magnus had prioritized them both for a while but they couldn't seem to find anything so Magnus sacrificed his friend for himself, becoming a cannibal. Magnus later found another shelter with a good amount of food, water, clothes, an homemade looking Tanto knife and a hand-operated grapplehook. Magnus settled down and after a while Magnus entered a deep depression and became not only sick, but almost mentally unstable as well due to the mass amount of things he had gone through and experienced. Later on Magnus had overcome his depression and sickness and set out to continue on his journey.
    Magnus stumbled onto an old looking harbour, with no activity at all, and a sewer system. He set to explore through the almost hazardous sewers, and made his way onto an opening in an "condemed zone" in City 45. Magnus being the one he is, he stayed in the slums and kept his cool, managing to survive on whatever he found there, and didn't care if he had to rob someone for his own survival. Things are starting to settle down for him, and he settles down in the city, continuing his scavenging lifestyle, avoiding almost any human contact.
    Requested Alias/New Name:
    Just to mention this is not a change of an old char.
    IC Aspect Requested:
    An average height (5'9) albino male, with pale skin, white messy hair and red colored eyes. His voice is dark and his dialect/accent is not to be recognized. He also walks in a crooked position. He wears a ragged grey hoodie, black reinforced cargo pants and a pair of black steel-toed boots.
    IC Items Requested (Max of 3):
    A Japanese tanto knife, and a grapplinghook (Without rope, used by only hand to climb)
    IC Knowledge Requested:
    I request to have a huge amount of fighting, running, breaching, blending and climbing knowledge.
    IC Background Requested:
    A pale man, who is incredibly strong, fast and swift. He is known to be a very wise and clever person. Is known for expecting the unexpected and is also rumored as an "urban legend." He can take a huge amount of pain and has scars all over his body. He is an incredible fighter, who can defeat some of the strongest people, even OTA's.
    Why should you be given the requests?:
    I should be given the requests because of my selfish desires and because of my sense for roleplay and action. I am online often and want something to happen, I want to create a lore, something for other people to look up to and be an asset to the server.
    What are the advantages you get by obtaining the requests?:
    The advantage I get by obtaining the requests should be that I can escape majority of situations, I can overcome and defeat majority of people, including OTA's etc. I can climb, run fast, be mercyless towards other people, have knowledge that will increase my chance of survival in general. And have a lot of stamina. And have sharp senses, ears, eyes, taste and smell etc.
    What are the disadvantages you get by obtaining the requests?:
    The disadvantage of me getting these requests is that I have to live undercover, not being able to just roam the streets like any other civillian. I have to scavenge, steal or kill to survive. I am cold which can lead me to death, I am depressed and is anti social. My sharp senses can lead me to have headaches, even migranes which can delay me and cause me to go crazy. I will have flashbacks of my time in the outlands and getting tortured, which is also a bad thing, should it happen in fighting or emotional ocasions.
    Would you like to have additional roll bonuses for your IC knownledge? If so, why?:
    I would like to have additional roll bonuses for acrobatics, agility, endurance, strength, dexterity and stamina. As read in the backstory, Magnus was put through so much that would only make sense for his char to have bonuses, a flat bonus for all the attributes mentioned is fine in my opinion, but I'll be glad if there are two or three attributes I can have more than 5+ bonus on.

    If possible I would like to have my attributes altered as well, to fit what Magnus had been going through, when it comes to acrobatics, agility, endurance, strength and stamina.
    If you want to, we can discuss regarding this when it comes to it?
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  2. Turlington

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    I'm for this, but needs 2/3 owner support, will give my SUPPORT tho xo
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  3. Bingbong

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    Please pardon my bad grammatics. :)
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  4. TrulyDeath

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    This seems like a well balanced app, and I've seen you roleplay a bit on the server, so I know you know how ;)
    I still feel like the backstory is a bit short and could use some more fleshing out on how you would've received your experience (specifically the combat, breaching, and climbing ones)
    I think the individual roll bonuses would require too much energy to track. I suggest changing it to a flat bonus, if any bonus at all.
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  5. Antti

    Antti Owner Staff Member Owner

    I feel like the backstory could do more to justify the advantages you seek.

    Seems like an interesting character concept, and I'm leaning towards supporting this. Perhaps you could expand the backsthory.
  6. L30N

    L30N Donator

    I'm not sure we need an anime MC/superhero on the server, but that might just be me.

  7. Bingbong

    Bingbong Guest

    Anime MC/Superhero? There's really nothing that makes this guy a superhero or an anime main character. I know his looks are close to Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul but he is nowhere close to Kaneki's powers, or any superhero powers. :p
  8. Antti

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    1. Approved for a flat roll bonus of +5. As the character develops, a higher roll bonus will be put under consideration. The bonus does not apply to passive rolls, but you may bypass rolling in certain situations, which require a level of acrobatics you feel your character would undoubtedly have. Use your judgement, and do not abuse this.
    2. Either your character starts off in the plaza, or you wait until we open up the slums to RP. Your choice.
    3. Your character may perform actions that would require above-average physical fitness. Nonetheless, the character's aptitude in combat-situations still falls second to well-trained Civil Protection, not to mention OTA. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean you couldn't escape with your exceptional agility.
    4. To the best of my knowledge, human albinos do not have distinctively red eyes. Typically, their blue eyes may have a purple hue, their low levels of pigment allowing light to reflect back from the retina, which is quite vascular. As such, your character may have blue eyes with a reddish hue.
    5. People with albinism often suffer from varying visual problems. Your character will have photophobia. They are extremely sensitive to light.

    In short, your character is approved, but his skills are somewhat toned down. As L30N said, we don't need a superhero on the server.
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