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Sep 5, 2020
Here is a guide on how to make a perfect back story:
Before we begin, to get you into a mindset of creating a character, think of Roleplay as a playground. A place where you can create living beings that have personalities, beings that have their own set of traits. Think of characters as Puppets, and you as the Puppeteer. Make them whatever you desire. It is your world.

Step One - Character Basics

This is what creates the foundation for your character. This is your name, surname, birth date... Now while it seems like a small, meaningless step, it is actually quite useful. For example, if you see a character with the name "Alexander Provich", you won't think the character is American. You will take a mad guess that He's from Russia or some Slavic place like that. So, this informs other people of your character's nationality. A big step.

So, let us name our character.

Skye Warden. Doesn't sound Russian, does it?

Nationality: English

Birth date: 1992
Age when cascade has begun (2003): 10
Age during Post-War Occupation (2004): 11
Current age (2016): 23
The combine then cut the age of most humanity off, meaning no more children were born in cities.
There we go. Starting our character.

Step Two - Mockup

This is to quickly sum up your character. Nothing much, just two words. It can be "Dashing rebel" or "Daring loyalist". Something for you to get a quick feel for the character, and something we can base more detailed things off.

Step Three - Vices and Virtues, Fears and Disabilities

What are vices and what are virtues?

A Vice is a negative characteristic, this can be Greed, Wrath, anything.
This is a negative aspect of a character.

My character - Jealousy

A Virtue is a positive trait or quality.This can be Temperance, Prudence, Courage, Justice, anything
This is a positive aspect of a character.

My character - Temperance

But why have them?
Nobody is perfect. No matter how much they imply on that. Flaws make characters interesting, and help to shell out the character.

Fears and disabilities are self explanatory. Having them is also an important aspect of creating a character.

My Character's fears - Arachnophobia, Achluophobia, Phobia of Vortigaunts (No official phobia exists (Duh))
Disabilities - Short, Low Confidence.
Abilities: Fast Runner, Quick Thinker.

Step Four - First Backstory

We're finally here. Creating our first, basic backstory.
This won't be anything much. Just a simple paragraph to get us aided on the next step. Remember to use everything you have thought up until now.

Refer to this for the servers official backstory.

My charater's (Vornag) ORIGINAL first backstory.

Born in Britain, 1992. Regular family and education, excellent in school. Little to none friends. Studied to be a math teacher later on. Temporary job as a shop-keep. Father killed in car accident at the age of 15. Mother survived to Combine Invasion, never seen again. Became loyal to the Universal Union and joined at the age of 24.

As you can see, not very interesting. But as said, it is just a simple backstory in the making. I have changed it greatly as I went on, even as much as to change a foundation. But for now, we have a simple backstory. Lets move onto the next step.

Step Five - Getting to know the Character

This is a step I enjoy greatly. In this point, you jump into the game and play. That's it. See what you can do with your character. Get to know your character's personality. Have some fun and play for a bit. You've deserved it.

Step Six - Refining the Simple Backstory

We're back to our backstory. We've gotten to know our characters pretty well with the last step, so lets try to refine our story a bit more.

This is my Character's REFINED short backstory.

Born in Britain, 1992. Soon after born parents begun arguing, money was getting scarce. Father has been fired from job, with no more money income. Father has slipped into becoming an alcoholic, with a basic job of a shop-keep, just enough to keep the family running. Moved to a smaller apartment with less space. Father begins fighting mother out of the poor conditions and intoxication. Skye is offered a poor education, however still retaining good grades, eventually getting education for becoming a teacher. Mother dies in car accident when Skye is at the age of 14. Skye moves out at the age of 16, having a simple job of a shop-keep, just enough to keep her going. Father survives to Combine invasion, however is never seen again. Skye becomes loyal to the UU and decides to join the force at the age of 24.

As you can see, alot has changed and been added as time went on. The story now has a much more tragic twist.

Step Seven - Final Backstory

You did it. You have successfully created a character with a suitable backstory.


Now its time to make your backstory detailed. Add what has happened to your character in more detail and interest.

Estimated Time Spent on Fully developing Character: 2 Months
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