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    What Division do you wish to join?:
    Roleplay Experience:
    I have been a rebellion member of a rebel place called the safe haven and a rebellion leader in the server that shut down a while ago called Muffin (role play or Muffinrp)
    Roleplay Example:
    .Rebel is scouting the area looking for basic supplies and to make sure there are no combine scouting the area
    .MPF enters the area, also looking for no trouble and to make sure people are not in the restricted area
    .Rebel sees the MPF and silently radios it in that the MPF are in the area and waits about a min or two to make sure no other MPF are coming into or are just in there area the area
    .MPF looks about the area
    .Rebel attempts to sneak up on the MPF and than attempts to take them out
    .MPF attempts to turn around and kick the man in the chest
    .MPF rolls 40 out of 100
    .Rebel rolls 41 out of 100
    .Rebel barely knocking him out by just hitting his head hard enough to knock him out
    .Rebel searches the MPF's body searching for any weapons and hand held devices
    .Rebel pockets the items and hears other MPF's coming to the area
    .Rebel attempts to run into the sewers and get to the secret hideout
    .MPF is guarding the area i the sewers and checking to make sure no one is in the sewers
    .Rebel attempts to run up to the MPF in a suprise attack and tackle the MPF
    .MPF attempts to dodge the tackle
    MPF rolls 60 out of 100
    MPF -10 due to the suprise attack
    Rebel rolls 55 out of 100
    Rebel tackles the MPF and attempts to punch him/her really hard in the face
    MPF attempts to grab the rebel's fist and push him off of him/her
    MPF rolls 99 out of 100
    rebel rolls 0 out of 100
    MPF throws the rebel off of him
    Rebel gets thrown off and falls straight on his ass
    MPF gets up and attempts to kick the rebel in the side if his ribs while he is down
    Rebel attempts to grab the MPF officers legs and pull him down, making him collapse flat on his back
    MPF rolls 39 out of 100
    Rebel rolls 59 out of 100
    Rebel knocks the MPF straight on his back
    MPF falls straight on his back
    Rebel gets up and attempts to kick the MPF really hard in his head while he is down so he can make a attempt to knock him out
    MPF attempts to grab the rebel's leg and than throw him onto the ground
    Rebel rolls 70 out 100
    MPF rolls 59 out of 100
    Rebel knocks the MPF officer out and runs away to the safe house

    Overall the rebel did not run into further trouble and made it safe and sound to the safe house. Not suffering and damage but just a few bruises and scars.
    Thomas Wisnewski(Brother of Andrew Wisniewski)
    Was born a few years earlier than Andrew. Thomas was bullied alot when he was littler and didn't have that many friends that would back him up. His parents got divorced when he was littler, but did have good relationship with each other afterwords. When Thomas was about fourteen he got his first job as a ballon maker making about a good thirteen dollers every day he went to his job. After a while of ballon making Thomas finally got a better job at a gas station where he was working as a cashier, a cleaning maide, a store stocker, and every basic thing you can do at a gas station. Thomas was not making that job his main job, but he was planning on doing that for a while. One day while Thomas just arrived home from work, his father and mother usually have a evening dinner plan where they meet up and have a dinner together. They were setting the table when all of the suddon the power went out. They all looked outside to see if it was raining and to see if it was just a small storm that brewed up real quick. But when they looked out side it was dark. But not raining. Like black clouds but no rain. All of the suddon ships started coming out of the sky. And alien creatures started popping out of no-where. They all ran to the basment to go into hiding. They stayed there for about 2 days and decided to come out when the noise stopped. When Thomas came out he was in shock and had so many questions. One important one was, where is Andrew? Thomas decided to go out and search for Andrew and he made his parents stay put and stay at the house. After about 2 days of searching Thomas decided to stop his search and go home thinking that either Andrew is dead or he is still trying to get home. When thomas got back he saw his parents in the dad's bedroom. Not in the sexy way either. In the shit they are dead way. When he found them in there he saw a Revolver, and his parents , both of them having a bullet in there head and blood soaked into the bed. Thomas was not sad, but both sad and angry. Sad for his parents death but Angry at these aliens that came here, scaring them to death, or making them go to death. He thinks the reason they are dead is for them. Thomas decided to walk and see what he could find out about everything that happened. He was station out in the cold, mishaped world where life was not as it seemed anymore. After about five years of running, hiding, and just plain old trying to find food, hope was starting to crack in the heart of Thomas. With no family. No actual skills except with his fancy revolver shooting and assult rifle shooting to kill vermin such as rats and other small vermin. Overall Thomas was not seeing the light. He was fading into the darkness, knowing that his parents are dead, and his brother is too. That there was no point of living anymore. Until one day a group of rebel soldiers found him sleepig under a old destroyed bridge. They offered him food, shelter, and sorta of job opportunity. They said that he could have basic food and shelter if he did some jobs for them. He obviously agreed know getting to know more people and the other idea of food and a place to live was enough for him to agree. He then went to live with the group. They were all mean to him at first thinking he was just a stupid refugee or just some scrub coming to take there stuff and run away, but Thomas was good hearted. He even did every job they told him to do, such as delivering items to other groups or just helping them escort citizens out of certin citys that the combie were just starting to build.Eventually they looked at him as a big helper, knowing that when they gave him a job to do, he would do it. After doig these jobs for about eight to nine years. He obviously got bored and knew he could do more than just delivery jobs and helping people out of the city. So he finally told the big news, left and started his journey down the long dirt path. Attempting to find something that would be more helpful than this
    About a day or so later. A squad of soldiers found him. Thomas could tell what happened do to the black smoke in the distance. He knew if he ressisted, he would not win. So he decided that it was time to go into the city. He than acted scared towards them, making them think he was some person that was not ever in the city or just ever caught, someone that was always under a rock for a very long time. So they forced him onto a air-ship and than dropeed him off on the train. Eventually leading to city 17. District, 47.
    Character Name:
    Thomas Wisniewski
    Physical Description::
    Caucasion/male/5,11/Brown hair/No facial hair/Blue city 17 jumpsuit/White undershirt/Black boots/City 17 armband/
    Good with a little talking, fighting, ressisting, running, writing, body guarding, and good with helping.
    Fears higher ranked combine,fears getting arrested, and fears of small insects like bees or wasp.
    Will you remain loyal to the Resistance?:
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    It may not be entirely the greatest application, but I can trust you'll at least improve your roleplay with the whitelist.

    Ask an administrator in-game for your whitelist.
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