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  1. Max_

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    Steam Name: Max
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:24558976
    Whitelists: ???
    Character Name: Allie Debon
    Character Lifespan: Born in 2003-present
    Character Backstory: Allie was born into a wealthy family in early 2003. Allie's father made a killing off IT Security, due to the beginning of the modern cyber and technology era he founded his company, Debon Industries. His father was always a skeptic, living through cold war and start of war on terrorism. He had invested a majority of his net worth into a so called Oracle Bunker, claiming it was a haven for only his family when the world would supposedly end. First year of her life was mediocre, nothing big for a 4 month old. On May 16, 2003 when portal storms arrived, Allie's father followed his plan he set out, took his family to bunker down, and headed towards their haven. Surprisingly her mother passed away after being injured from shelling on their way towards safety.

    At age of six she began grade school in a confined area, his father being her educator. Allie excelled a lot in her academics, mostly lacking in her physical fields. Allie's father emphasized a lot on her survival skills, for when hes ready to "open the door!". By age of 13 she could do simple things from start a fire, or to craft a filter out of a plastic bottle. In mid of 2018 Allie's father realized they only limited food supply left, due to their small farms starting to fail. His father prepared himself to venture out alone in hopes to find another source of food, and to discover what happened. This left Allie with a amount of food and water to last her roughly 6 months. After only 3 months and no signs of her father, Allie began to prepare her belongings and to head out of the shelter. Once emerged she quickly noticed Earth on most part looked the same, based off the stories her father told her. She got herself together and went off to seek her father.

    On her journey to find her father, she ran into to multiple groups of people who claimed to be the 'resistance' to the 'Union', confused by this, it was explained to her what happened to earth. While on her journey she mostly kept to herself, not going out of her way to talk to someone, unless it mean't more information on what happened. She was mostly socially awkward around other people, due to never having any real social interactions, mostly to her sheltered life. She questioned all of the people she met, mostly about her dad, she got same response of either hes dead or locked up in a 'city'. After walking for numerous hours, even days, she would rest in shanty the towns filled with refugees, mostly stealing supplies, resting, and then moving out. Rather being worried of his wellbeing than her own, even after being told rumors of what happened to children. She began her trek to one of these 'cities' to try and find her father. After making it on the outskirts of a 'city', she managed to find a way in through the sewers, plotting her route as she journeyed through. Finally making it into the city to find him.

    Requested Alias/New Name: Allie Debon
    IC Aspect Requested: Young girl around 16 y/o
    IC Items Requested (Max of 3): Small backpack, Small mp3 player, and small pocket knife
    IC Knowledge Requested: Location to outlands from and out of the city.
    IC Background Requested: None
    Why should you be given the requests?: Since the city is in ruins(city8) and numerous hiding holes in the city, it would make sense for a kid or anyone to be able to live in the city limits, without being found.
    What are the advantages you get by obtaining the requests?: Knowing in and outs of the city.
    What are the disadvantages you get by obtaining the requests?: Its a kid anyone would be able to overpower her, she's had a sheltered life, and she has a young mind.
    Would you like to have additional roll bonuses for your IC knownledge? If so, why?: None, -5 for being child of course.

    Appreciate any feedback, and i'll try to improve it. I suck dick at making backstories.
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  2. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Dedicated Anger Man

    god no kill yourself max seriously

    not really I dont care go for it
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  3. VulpesCallida

    VulpesCallida Retired Retired Kojima and Server Duct Tape

    Sounds like she'll get along with Jackal if Vader doesn't straight up murder him.
    1/3 +SUPPORT from owners however I'd like you to expand the backstory a bit. Let us see how she's really like, not just her story.
  4. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Dedicated Anger Man

    The best solution to a problem is usually the easiest one. And I'll be honest, killing you, is hard.

    You know what my days used to be like? I just passived. Nobody interrogated me. Or threw me into the spirit realm. Or got me killed. I had a pretty good life.

    And then you showed up. You Dangerous, Mentally Unstable, Lunatic. So you know what? You win. Just Go.
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  5. TrulyDeath

    TrulyDeath Server Admin & Resident Occultist Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    Interesting concept. I think the server is in 2019, so she would be 16/17 years old. You don't ask for alot and it is a balanced and good application.
    You've been here awhile and you seem like an experienced roleplayer who atleast tries. I see no reason why this shouldn't be accepted

    3/10 too many burger king
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  6. Amute

    Amute Lord-Commissar Staff Member Owner

    no one likes jackal
  7. Max_

    Max_ Active Member

    updated a bit.
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  8. Paladin Reese

    Paladin Reese Supreme Overlord Staff Member Owner

    +Support (2/3), I don't think the negative roll bonus is necessary. If played correctly she'll just find herself in shitty situations due to lack of experience in the world unless she's super Street smart.
  9. Amute

    Amute Lord-Commissar Staff Member Owner

  10. TrulyDeath

    TrulyDeath Server Admin & Resident Occultist Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    so three owners supported this, i think its accepted
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