5/11/17 Server Update

Discussion in 'Server Updates' started by Paladin Reese, May 11, 2017.

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  1. Paladin Reese

    Paladin Reese Supreme Overlord Staff Member Owner

    Today I did a few things to the server.

    First, Shady and I created an ExonticGaming account, so we have one centralized account for development purposes. Here, we made our own collection and added everything from GeeMayn's collection to the ExonticGaming collection. The server has been updated in its settings to reflect this change.

    Secondly, I added PAC3 to the server, on a trial basis. You will need the 'W' flag in order to use it. Included are three commands to make PAC3 easier: /PACEditor, /ClearPac, /WearPac
  2. VulpesCallida

    VulpesCallida Retired Retired Kojima and Server Duct Tape

    I'm personally shooting anyone who gets too excited in the PAC3 creator.
    But no seriously, heavy regulation on it. Never liked the addon because it makes it even easier to asspull items, masks and gear. Whoever abuses it (admin team), like Reese said through another chat, will be demoted.
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  3. ShadyNasty

    ShadyNasty Developer/Server Admin Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    - support
  4. TrulyDeath

    TrulyDeath Server Admin & Resident Occultist Staff Member Admin/Moderator

    pac didnt need the W flag on my end
    i didnt even see it in the flag list
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